Love Victor Season 3: Confirmed Hulu Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

Love Victor Season 3

On Hulu and Disney+, Love, Victor has been renewed for a third season, which will chronicle the high school experience of Victor Salazar, an openly gay teen (Michael Cimino).

But we’re sad to announce that the third season of Love, Victor will be the final one for the show. It’s unclear when or if the final eight episodes of the series will be aired in the UK, although they’re expected to air in the US in June.

Here’s what to expect from the last season of Love, Victor, in case you were wondering. Love, Victor’s third season premiere date, cast, and more are all here for your perusal.

Love Victor Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Love, Victor will premiere on Hulu in the United States on June 15, 2022.

We don’t yet have a launch date for this series, which is released in the UK via Star on Disney Plus. Disney Plus has yet to confirm that it will be launched on or around the same date as the original.

Each of the previous two seasons had 10 episodes, therefore this season will only have eight episodes.

Love Victor Season 3: Is The Third Season Of Love, Victor Going To Be The Last?

Sadly, in the third and last season of Love, Victor has been confirmed to be the last. The journey of Victor and his pals will come to a conclusion in the final eight episodes.

On top of that, the cast posted a video on social media stating that this is the show’s final season with heartfelt sentiments for its viewers and fellow actors.

Speculation has it that the final season will focus on the teenagers’ plans for the future after high school, according to Variety.

After graduating high school and preparing for life beyond it, Victor (Michael Cimino) and his buddies are confronted with a fresh set of challenges.

Love Victor Season 3 Characters

All of the key characters from the first two seasons of Love, Victor will return for the final season.

As Victor Salazar, Michael Cimino portrays the actor.
Mia Brooks, Rachel Hilson
Felix Westen was played by Anthony Turpel.
In the role of The Lake Meriweather, Bebe Wood
Mason Gooding portrays Andrew in the film.
As Benji Campbell, George Sear
Pilar Salazar was played by Isabella Ferreira.
Adrian Salazar is played by Mateo Fernandez.
Armando Salazar was played by James Martinex.
Played by Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar

As Victor Salazar nears the end of the series, Michael Cimino will return to reprise his part.

Benji Campbell, Victor’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, will be played by George Sear (Alex Rider), albeit their relationship’s future has been called into question following the season finale.

It’s true that the season two finale left us with a cliffhanger in which Victor appeared at someone’s door, but it’s not clear if he was there to see Benji or his new love, Rahim, played by Anthony Keyvan.

James Martinez and Ana Ortiz portray Victor’s parents, Armando and Isabel, while Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez portray his siblings, Pilar and Adrian.

Anthony Turpel plays Felix Westen, Bebe Wood portrays Lake Meriwether and Rachel Hilson portrays Mia Brooks and Mason Gooding plays popular jock Andrew in Victor.

Ava Capri, who played Lucy, Benji’s buddy and Andrew’s ex-girlfriend in the second season finale, is also set to return.

Besy Brandt plays Felix’s mother Dawn Westen, while Nick Robinson plays Simon Spier, the Love, Simon actor who served as a mentor to Victor in this spin-off series. Mekhi Phifer and Sophia Bush could also make a comeback as Harold and Veronica Westen’s parents, respectively.

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Is there a Love Victor Season 3 Trailer out there?

A collection of significant scenes from the second season was released by Hulu when it was confirmed that the show will be renewed for a third season.

“I GUESS WE WILL FIND OUT WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR,” actor Michael Cimino captioned a re-post of the clip to Instagram.

Season two ended with an emotional cliffhanger in which Victor had to choose between continuing his relationship with Benji and starting a new one with Rahim.

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The Ending

On Tuesday, Hulu confirmed that Love, Victor’s third and final season will be its final run. There will be one more episode of the Michael Cimino-starring spinoff of Love, Simon on June 15.

There will be fewer episodes in the final season than there were in the first two. The entire season will be released all at once, as has been customary over the show’s run.

Traditional audience statistics aren’t released by the Disney-backed platform like other streaming services. There has been a favorable response to the series from This is Us co-showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (who authored the script for Love, Simon).

On, the second season gets a 100% rating from critics and a 93% rating from viewers.


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