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Love Hard 2: Is a Sequel Coming?

Will Netflix’s New Christmas Movie Love Hard Get a Sequel? We will give you more details.

Love Hard, the new film from Christmas on Netflix Will there be a sequel? 


Barely over Halloween, the streaming platform has put away its horror films to offer us Christmas programs. Zombies and monsters of all kinds are put back in the closet. Make way for the magic of Christmas! To the delight of Netflix subscribers.

Indeed, Christmas movies always seem to be so successful! And it is even very scary that we will get tired of it one day. Moreover, the streaming platform is aware of this phenomenon. And she has already offered us an outstanding film to start the ball rolling!

So it was with Love Hard that Netflix started the Christmas movie marathon. And this one seems to have met with great success. And as with every great success, fans wonder if their program will be entitled to a sequel. Love Hard is, therefore, no exception. Fans want to know if he will be entitled to a sequel.

It must be said that the program has been in the Top Trends since it was posted on the platform. So we want to know if there will be a Love Hard 2. But for the moment, the streaming giant has not yet announced a sequel for its film.

Indeed, no order of Love Hard 2 has been officially made. But given the film’s success, the streaming platform could well crack and please fans with a sequel.


Like all Christmas movies, and without spoiling anything for you, the film Love Hard is entitled to a happy ending. Without too much surprise. And like a lot of hit movies on Netflix, it just might get a sequel. This was indeed the case for A Christmas Prince, for example. Or the film The Princess of Chicago and finally The Christmas Chronicles.

And if Love Hard was entitled to a sequel on Netflix, then one wonders what to expect. Moreover, actor Jimmy O. Yang confided in this subject in an interview with Insider magazine. The young actor seems up for a sequel. And he would even have some ideas of how that might play out.

“I think in the next film we should shoot in Los Angeles and it would be reversed. It’s Josh who could live in LA with Natalie,” he explains. “In the second film, he could do a little too much. He could go out to a club, spend his time there, party too much,” he adds.

If Love Hard has a sequel, then actor Jimmy O Yang should return as Josh. Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev is also expected to reprise the role of Natalie. Darren Barnett is also likely to be on hand to replay the part of Tag. While waiting for a possible sequel to Love Hard, Netflix subscribers will have the opportunity to discover many new Christmas movies.

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