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Kylie Jenner Loses Millions Of Dollars After Astroworld

After the terrible drama at the Astroworld festival that left eight dead, Kylie Jenner could well lose millions of dollars. After the appalling tragedy of Friday, November 5, that occurred at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival, Kylie Jenner could well lose millions of dollars.


It’s a drama that Travis Scott fans will never forget. Last Friday, while the artist hosted the Astroworld festival, several people died in a crowd movement. Eight people died, and seventeen people were taken to hospital. Moreover! Eleven suffered from cardiac arrest. Among the hundreds of injured, a 10-year-old child.

“The festival-goers started to fall. They therefore lost consciousness. And it generated even more fear. The emergency services have had to deal with numerous cardiac arrests,” a police chief told CNN: In the aftermath of the disaster, Travis Scott spoke on his Instagram account. He said he was “absolutely devastated.” While explaining that he was “working with the Houston community to help families in need.”

Subsequently, Kylie Jenner, who was also present and filmed the furious public, was also widely criticized on social networks. So she decided to pass a message: “Travis and I are broken and devastated. “My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost their lives, those injured in any way by the events of yesterday. I send my deepest condolences to all the families during this difficult time.” But obviously, Kylie Jenner is still not forgiven. The Astroworld tragedy has a real impact on his life and his business!


Kylie Jenner could see a very negative impact on the sales of her beauty line and her baby brand. Moreover, according to our colleagues at The Sun, Stormi’s mother did not focus on her projects. A close source, therefore, revealed that she felt the weight of this drama in her life a lot: “I know people don’t think she cares, but it worries her. At the same time, she is a responsible businesswoman. “So Kylie Jenner feels like a loser because she wants to take the time to respect the victims of Astroworld. But at the same time, she employs a lot of people in her business. “

On social networks, his brands have not shared anything since the tragedy. And for the close source, this is dramatic: “The longer its companies go without being active on the networks, the more sales decline. “The couple prefers to stay with their family because they say they are totally “broken and devastated.” Travis Scott said he wanted to reimburse all spectators.  He also undertakes to financially help the families of the victims who died during the concert. It will therefore cover the funeral costs of all those who have lost their lives.

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