Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Expecting Twins?

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Expecting Twins

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are very discreet about the arrival of their future child. What are they hiding? According to Caitlyn Jenner’s words, Kendall Jenner’s sister is expecting twins.  We tell you everything from A to Z!


Caitlyn Jenner is full of revelations! The 72-year-old reality TV star opens up about her past and her private life. She did not hesitate to make big revelations about her relationship with Kris Jenner. She says she had long doubted whether to marry him because of their blended family.

“We brought eight children together. And it was not a simple thing. We spent 23 years together. From our meeting to our wedding, only five and a half months had passed for Kris and me.” “She decided to get married, but I was against it. Because there were too many children involved, especially on his side. And at the time, they were therefore very young.”

This week, Kylie Jenner’s dad swung behind the scenes of reality TV. Carline, therefore, spoke of rigging on the show “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” during an interview with GMB. According to her, the food is well equipped. It sounds disgusting, but in reality, the producers have added sweeteners to give a horrible effect.

“I must have eaten the eyeball of a cow. I’ve never done this before. I asked the doctor on the set, ‘is all this going to make me sick?’ And he replied: not at all. Everything has been purified, and everything has been taken care of.”

“It might taste awful, but consider it a delicious protein shake!” I must have drunk that vomit stuff. C ‘was the hardest part for me.” This week, the former Olympic gold medalist also made revelations about the pregnancy of her daughter Kylie Jenner.


When Caitlyn Jenner speaks, she says a bit too much! And it seems that she made a big blunder on the air. Indeed, she revealed that her family would grow, with “two other children in the oven.” For the fans, there is no doubt she was talking about Kylie Jenner.

She is the only one who is about to give birth to a piece of cabbage. She and Travis Scott are remarkably discreet about this pregnancy. So are they hiding a secret? Caitlyn didn’t provide more details. She revealed, “I have told all of my children that I plan to have 30 grandchildren. It’s a nice round number.”

“The girls weren’t too excited about it. But so I think if you have ten kids, you have an average of three each. We can also have two, so we are sort of on schedule” What does that mean? Who are the two children she is talking about? Is Kylie Jenner discreet so as not to spread the news? Or is it Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker expecting a baby?

This is, therefore, a revelation that casts doubt.


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