Joker Game Season 2: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

Joker Game Season 2

Production I.G. published the anime Joker Game in 2016. For its work on series like Haikyuu!!, Psycho-Pass, and Kuroko’s Basketball, the studio is a well-known name. Between April 5 and June 21, 2016, the anime ran for a total of twelve episodes.

Both Funimation and Crunchyroll have obtained the rights to broadcast the show.

The Adventure of Black Cat Yoru was a two-episode special that aired after the main series. From July 27 to September 28, 2016, the anime’s post-show OVA aired.

Koji Yanagi, the author of the original books, adapted the plot for the screen. The Joker Game was the title of the first book released. On August 28, 2008, Kadokawa Shoten released this collection of five tales.

Six tales are included in the second book Double Joker, which was published in 2013. Paradise Lost is the title of the third book. A total of five articles were published in 2012. With the title The Last Waltz, the last book was released in 2015. A total of four tales make up the final book.

Manga versions of the narrative have also been made. Joker Game was the subject of two manga adaptations by Kayoko Shimotsuki. D no Maou is the name of the first manga, which is based on the first book.

A total of three books are included in the collection. Based on the live-action film adaption from 2015, the second manga only contains one volume. Joker Game is the only name given to it.

It was in 2016 when Subaru Nitou turned the animation into a manga. Joker Game: The Animation is the title of the manga, which was released in five volumes.

Joker Game Season 2 Release Date

It’s been more than five years since the anime was last shown in 2016. Unfortunately, Production I.G has not provided any additional information on the prospect of a second season of The Joker Game.

In addition, there is a difficulty with the original source. Only four books have been written by Koji Yanagi, with a total of 20 chapters. A sequel to Joker Game Season appears unlikely given the series’ 12-episode run and since there have already been two original video adaptations (OVAs) of the source material.

There was no need for a second season since all of the remaining chapters were converted into the OVA. To view the second season of Joker Game, we will have to wait till the creator chooses to write a sequel.

Joker Game Season 2 has been on everyone’s minds since the end of Season 1 back in 2016. A sequel is highly awaited by fans who regarded it as one of the year’s greatest anime. Because of the compelling plot and well drawn characters, the anime quickly became a global sensation.

Viewers seldom see these two elements in any series. The presence of them can make any presentation sparkle.

Joker Game is a Japanese anime series about assassination. The anime is based on Koji Yanagi’s manga of the same name. In all, the manga’s authors released it between 2008 and 2016. On April 5, 2016, the first episode of the anime was released.

On June 21, 2016, they showed the concluding episode of the anime, followed by two OVA episodes.

Joker Game Season 2 Story

Before the outbreak of World War II, the narrative takes place in 1937. ‘D Agency,’ a new espionage school, is at the centre of the plot. Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, a member of the Imperial Japanese Army, founded the organisation. D Agency will have a total of 8 new members this year.

Its members are well-educated people who have studied a wide range of subjects and have been prepared to survive in the most difficult of environments.

For the interest of their countries, these agents are armed with the ability to manipulate others in order to carry out operations and get the information they need.

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Joker Game Characters

  • “Yuki” (also known as “Tobirama Senjuu” in Naruto: Shippuden) is a character performed by “Kenyuu Horiuchi.”
  • As Reiner Braun in Attack on Titan, Odagiri is portrayed by Yoshimasa Hosoya, who previously starred in Gravity Falls.
  • The Fukumoto (Kazuya Nakai, who also played as Zoro Roronoa in the One Piece series)
  • As Shouto Todoroki in the My Hero Academia series, Hatano (Yuki Kaji, who previously portrayed Hatano).
  • It is the city of Kaminaga (Ryouhei Kimura, who also played as Wuxian Wei in Mo Dao Zu Shi)
  • As Zenitsu Agatsuma, Hiro Shimono portrayed Miyoshi in the Demon Slayer series.
  • In the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Toshiyuki Morikawa played Yoshikage Kira, who was portrayed by Amari (Toshiyuki).
  • An actor who also appeared in the Mob Psycho 100 series is Tazaki (Takhiro Sakurai, who also portrayed Arataka Reigen).
  • One of the characters in the Code Geass series is Jitsui (Jun Fukuyama, who previously portrayed Lelouch Lamperouge).

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Final Lines

Audiences and reviewers alike gave the anime an enthusiastic reception. Immediately after its debut, the series was a hit among viewers.

In the meanwhile, they’re hoping to see more of Sakuma, Miyoshi, and the rest of the gang.

The Japanese invasion of China is also shown, as is some alternate history. All in all, the anime was a well-balanced espionage thriller and a historical drama.

There were twenty chapters in all in the manga released by Koji Yanagi in four volumes. The series was also adapted into an anime with a total of sixteen episodes and two alternate endings (OVAs).

Because of this, Production IG does not have enough material to produce Season 2 of Joker Game. OVA episodes adapted the remaining chapters after the anime wrapped up the plot. As a result, fans of Joker Game Season 2 will have to wait until Koji publishes the manga’s sequel. In addition, it is quite improbable.


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