Is Lola Falana Still Alive

Is Lola Falana Still With Us? Unveiling The Life and Legacy of The Iconic Star!

Lola Falana is an American performer who goes by that name professionally. Lola Falana was conceived in Camden, New Jersey. Born to Bennett, a welder, and Cleo, a seamstress, she was their third child (1921–2010). At the young age of three, Falana started dancing, and by the time she was five, she was singing in the church choir.

She was so determined to pursue a career in music that she dropped out of Germantown High School a few months before graduation and relocated to New York City, much to her parent’s dismay. Lola has only one sibling, “Fluffy Falana,” who is also known as Lola’s sole sibling by the general public.

The years 1961-1997 span the artist’s career in the United States. She had a brief marriage in the 1970s that ended in divorce, and she hasn’t remarried since. Lola’s parents were from two different racially and culturally varied backgrounds. Both her mother and father are of African descent.

Is Lola Falana Still Alive Today?

Lola Falana will still be around in 2023. She’s still going strong and making waves in the entertainment business decades after her initial breakthrough. Falana began her career as a dancer in 1958 when she performed a performance with singer Dinah Washington at a Philadelphia club.

Is Lola Falana Still Alive

Falana had a deep love for music and dance as she got older. She was only three when she first started dancing. At age 5, she started singing in the church choir. Falana began her performing career in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nightclubs when she was a teenager. Her love of performing kept her from completing high school.

What Happened To Lola Falana?

In the past, the famous actress had to deal with the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS). In 1987, she had her first episode, and the entire left side of her body went numb. It was also difficult for her to hear and see well.

At that very moment, Lola Falana decided to place her faith in Rome and convert to Catholicism. Before I was given a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. In October 1989, Falana stated that she had maintained her physical fitness. My agenda was packed with vigorous activities.

About a third of my act was dancing if I had to guess. I was always on the go, singing, and talking. It’s essential for a star to be bright, shining, energetic, and lively. She noted that if you want to be the best, it takes an enormous lot of effort.

How She Was Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis At 45?

The well-known actress struggled with the neurological disorder multiple sclerosis for quite some time (MS). In 1987, she had her first attack, and it paralyzed her entire left side. It also diminished her hearing, her voice, and her vision. Lola Falana converted to Roman Catholicism at that time. Prior to being diagnosed with MS, Falana had an active lifestyle, she told the Los Angeles Times in October 1989.

I had a very action-oriented schedule. My dancing made up about a third of my act. All the while I was on the go, I was singing, and I was babbling. A star’s qualities should reflect those of the night sky: brightness, radiance, vitality, and character. “If you want to be very good at anything, you have to put in a lot of incredible effort,” she remarked.

Is Lola Falana Still Alive

According to Falana, she keeps a walker by her bed but refuses to use it because she doesn’t want her residual muscles to become sluggish. Ultimately, “the intellect needed to know that my spirit was not going to let any outside power assist me to walk,” she said.

Her career was destroyed when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and learned she was unable to perform due to the disease. Due to her illness, she had to postpone about $2,000,000 worth of appearances at nightclubs and concerts.

In August 1989, she told Jet magazine about her predicament. My, what a difference a day can make. She remarked, “I feel like a queen one day, standing erect and listening to the adulation of fans, and a cripple the next, lying in bed reading fan mail.

How Did She Bounce Back From Her Disease?

Yet, after 18 months, during which Falana suffered several debilitating bouts, her illness went into remission. She resumed her singing career shortly after. In the spring of 1989, she shared the stage with Wayne Newton at the Las Vegas Hilton to perform “Proud Mary.” Even though many clubs were hesitant to hire her for fear she would relapse.

Is Lola Falana Still Alive

she made her return to the Las Vegas stage in July 1989, where she performed to sold-out crowds. According to Jet magazine’s August 1989 issue, her first booking was at the Sands Hotel, where she made the announcement to her audience.

She said, “I’m not cured, but I’m healed,” when someone in the crowd inquired whether she had been cured. What medicine does heal? God’s nature is to heal. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times published in October 1989, Falana boasted about her recovery, saying, “I’m great now.

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