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Is Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 ever happening?

In September 2020, fans were very happy after seeing the primary season of Julie and Phantoms. Julie and Phantoms may be a melodramatic musical series with tons of comedy. This movie was created and well presented by Dan Gross and David Hoge. Now, the whole Julie and Phantoms fanbase has gone wild from season one to season two. 

Julie and Phantoms Season 1 was loved by fans, critically acclaimed, and won multiple awards. Additionally, to the plot, the music also fascinated fans. A year has passed and there’s still no announcement of a second season; That’s why fans are now accessing Netflix and therefore the creators of the second season of Julie and Phantoms. This series is owned by LLC, Bright Light Films, and Cross Hoge Production.

Is it getting canceled?

Netflix has yet to cancel Julie or the Phantoms publicly. While some things happen behind closed doors, we’ve not seen any member of the creative team, cast, or crew share the news that Julie & the Phantoms have been canceled. The fans of the show are excited to listen to this, as the first season was an extended time ago. it’s obvious that the longer it takes, the more severe it gets. Fans should stay optimistic about Julie’s season 2 and therefore the Phantoms 2 series.

Plausible release date

There is an opportunity that Julie or the Phantoms Season 2 will hit Netflix in 2022 if we renew our contract soon. There doesn’t seem to be enough time during this season to supply and launch the 2021 season. this may be an enormous disappointment for fans, but it’ll be positive for the series if Netflix extends the series. 

The release date of season 2 of the subsequent Netflix series is predicted to be spring 2022. When this happens, production should begin quickly, around this summer or early fall of 2022. As soon as we all know more, we’ll inform you about Julie’s release date for the second season of Phantoms.

What can it be about?

In the first season, we saw that there was a woman named Julie. She is extremely lonely and alone in this world. Her mother left the world when she was an adolescent. Therefore, she felt very lonely and really quiet. In 1995, the boys within the marching band died from the dog they fed. 

In each episode, the creators featured Julie’s struggle with herself to become a more confident and positive person in her life. Julie doesn’t initially believe that there are ghosts, but after her introduction on the varsity stage, she realized that they exist. The band called Sunset Curve Boys made them believe that their legacy is actually amazing; she should work thereon. Julie and every one of the boys within the band is each other’s strengths to form her musical dream come true. 

Later, Julie began to like Luke, who is additionally a singer during this band. How things got better and the stage shook that we saw in season 1. As the days pass, fans get more curious and more and more predictions. Within the latter part of the season, we saw an off-scene that made everyone cry which showed their beautiful bond. What is going to Caleb do with Julie and therefore the band now? Are all the blokes within the band really down? Who is going to be the subsequent antagonist in life? All of those things might be cleared up in season 2.

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