American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

Jennifer Lawrence was observed in June 2018 with a strange man, who turned out to be New York City-based art gallerist Cooke Maroney, according to the internet. The couple married in a luxurious October weekend in Rhode Island in 2019, after keeping their romance primarily out of the public eye previous to the engagement.

So, who is Maroney, and how did a gallery owner grab the attention of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars? Here’s a quick rundown of Maroney and Lawrence’s relationship and marriage thus far.

In February 2022, the couple welcomed their first child

American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

On February 24, TMZ reported that Maroney and Lawrence had their first child together in the Los Angeles area. The couple has yet to confirm the news, and no information regarding the baby’s birth date, name, or gender has been released.

Lawrence was pregnant with her first child, according to People magazine in September 2021. Her burgeoning baby belly was visible as she walked through New York City in flowered overalls and a leather satchel.

The low-key couple is set to marry on Saturday, October 19 in Rhode Island, according to TMZ. Maroney and Lawrence were observed in a New York City marriage bureau obtaining a license to marry roughly a month before the wedding.

In June of that year, the Oscar winner talked about wedding planning—and how she knew Maroney was the one—on Catt Sadler’s NAKED With Catt Sadler podcast.

“I wasn’t at a place where I was like, ‘I’m ready to get married,'” she said. “I’d only met Cooke a few days before and wanted to marry him.” We both desired to marry one another. We wanted to give it our all. I want to legally link him to me for the rest of my life because he is my best friend. And, thankfully, the necessary paperwork is available. It’s incredible. You meet your favorite person on the earth and feel compelled to stay with them. As a result, I wanted to accept that offer.”

American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

TMZ was correct, as it turned out. Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Ashley Olsen, Adele, Kris Jenner, Sienna Miller, and Cameron Diaz were among the celebrities that attended the wedding at the Belcourt mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

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Lawrence wants to keep their relationship private, but in November 2021, she revealed to Vanity Fair about their impending marriage

In a late 2021 Vanity Fair interview, Lawrence revealed two details regarding Maroney: When they first started dating and she became accustomed to not feeling security with him: “I was so ashamed to bring my [security guard] when he asked me out when I first started dating my now husband,” she explained.

“How humiliating would that have been?” So I didn’t, and it made me nervous the first few times, but it all worked out well.

I noticed that you get greater privacy if…. I’m not sure if it’s even appropriate to discuss this. Every time I leave the house, I am surrounded by security. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And there’s a gun!”

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She also gave a look into their current relationship, saying, “I really love going to the grocery store with him.”

American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

“I’m not sure why, but it makes me quite happy.” Perhaps it’s because it’s a metaphor for marriage. ‘All right, we’ve got this list.’ These are the items we require. Let’s work together to finish this.’

And every time I get one of the culinary magazines, such as 15 Minute Healthy Meals, he always looks at me like, ‘You’re not going to use that.’ ‘Can you tell me when you’re going to make that?’ ‘Yes, I am,’ I say. Tuesday!’ And he’s always correct, whereas I’m never.”

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The pair held an engagement party in New York City prior to the wedding

Lawrence and Maroney were caught out in early May 2019, on their way to a New York City engagement celebration for their family and friends.

American Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Is She Single? Who Is She Married To, If Not?

The couple was spotted scouting at locations in the city in April, potentially for that celebration or their actual wedding ceremony, according to People. J.Law is a “family girl…I would be astonished if the wedding was not a fairly extensive family affair,” according to a source.

Here’s the instagram Post by lwellsbridal

The party was held at the River Café in Brooklyn, with the couple renting out the entire restaurant. “It was fantastic!” a source told the outlet. “There were tables set up all over the place—in the dining room, on the terrace, and on the patio.” Emma Stone, Lawrence’s close friend, was among the attendees.


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