Inventing Anna Season 2: Netflix Renewed It For Another Season?

Inventing Anna Season 2

The Anna Delvey saga has resurfaced for the first time since the viral article that started it all. While working to create an elite club in New York City, Inventing Anna follows the faux-journey socialites through expensive boutiques and five-star hotels. Sadly, she didn’t have the resources to support her extravagant lifestyle.

Viewers are enamored with Shonda Rhimes’ new Netflix series, Shondaland, which has swiftly risen to the top of the list of the Top 10. The buzz around Inventing Anna is enough to warrant another season? Those are the facts.

Inventing Anna Season 2 Release Date

Following her trial, Julia Garner’s character (played by Julia Garner) delays proceedings by asking for Anna’s clothes. Neff (Alexis Floyd) and Vivian (Anna Chlumsky) eventually persuade her to trust her lawyer Todd Spodek (Arian Moayed) and press on with the trial.

Todd also tries to convince Anna’s father to attend the trial, but to no avail.

When the decision was read, the jury found Anna not guilty of the counts relating to the bank loan or making Rachel pay for Rachel’s Morocco vacation after hearing the emotional testimony of Rachel (Katie Lowes).

Delvey served four years in prison for stealing from stores, hotels, and a private jet firm. Anna was found guilty of theft.

Anna and Vivian meet at Rikers for one more time in the conclusion. Vivian resolves to move on from the Anna Delvey story as Anna begs her to keep visiting her after years of disparaging her intelligence and appearance.

Finally, the story of the series comes to an end, following the journalist as she becomes entangled in Anna’s story while she reports on it.

Inventing Anna Season 2 is possible, right?

No, that’s the quick answer. There will be only one season of the show, which will be based on an article written by journalist Jessica Pressler in 2018. The first season will cover practically all of Delvey’s entire story, as well as testimonies from her friends and acquaintances.

A continuation of the show has been ruled out by both Netflix and Shondaland. The series’ arc will come to an end with the show’s finale, though.

If a second season were to follow Delvey’s antics after the verdict, it would probably be inspired more by Orange Is the New Black than anything else. Delvey was only free for six weeks after being released on good conduct in early 2021 before being arrested by ICE for overstaying her visa.

Since the thief is currently serving time in prison, a show detailing her life up to this point would lack the glitz and glamour of the first season of Inventing Anna.

There will be no more fictitious episodes of Anna’s adventure.

How many more Anna Delvey projects are being planned?

Delvey, née Sorokin, has teamed up with the production studio behind Surviving R. Kelly for her own documentary, according to a report in Deadline this week. The docuseries has apparently been in the works for months, and it would give us a glimpse into Delvey’s personality and motivations.

Also, it could show what she was doing immediately after her release since she posted a photo of herself with the camera crew around that time.

Delvey’s plots might equally be told from Rachel’s perspective. Rachel DeLoache Williams, a former friend of Delvey’s, wrote a book called My Friend Anna about her friendship with Anna, the breakup, and the trial that followed.

HBO and Lena Dunham had previously expressed interest, but the film isn’t currently in development, according to Williams. Perhaps another streamer will join the Delvey bandwagon.

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Is there anything else out there?

Several more shows on scammers will be airing in the following weeks if you can’t stand the thought of missing out. For anyone who missed it, check out The Tinder Swindler on Netflix now and witness the women who were conned into lending their fake wealthy boyfriends hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Make sure that The Dropout and WeCrashed are on your list of things to watch when they premiere on Hulu and Apple TV+ in March. Fyre’s papers are always useful to watch if you’re still haunted by Delvey’s connection to Billy McFarland (and may have also conned him).

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Inventing Anna Season 2: Where To Watch The Show?

In 2022, there won’t be a shortage of shows about con artists to watch. You may already see the Netflix documentaries Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler. crashed, starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway as the masterminds behind the WeWork scandal (premiering on Apple TV+ on March 18).

The Dropout, starring Amanda Seyfried as infamous Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes (premiering on Hulu on March 3), and Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (premiering on Hulu on March 3), are just a (premiering on Showtime Feb. 27).

Final Lines

Shondaland and Netflix don’t appear to have any plans to carry Inventing Anna ahead. A limited series, like this one, normally don’t have a second season because Netflix has already paid the real-life Sorokin $320,000 to adapt her life narrative.

However, if Sorokin/protracted Delvey’s con continues, there is still room for further story. A single season of a limited series, like Big Little Lies, has gone on to become a multi-season story arc.

For the time being, it appears like Rhimes and her crew are content to let the first chapter of Inventing Anna stand on its own.


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