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I Am Legend 2

Richard Matheson’s novel “I Am Legend,” published in 1954, served as an inspiration for the tense action/thriller film “I Am Legend,” which was released in 2007. Francis Lawrence helmed the picture, which he co-wrote with Akiva Goldsman and Mark Protosevich.

Robert Neville, a US Army virologist, is played by Will Smith. While most of mankind has been wiped off in New York City, Neville is the sole survivor of a virus created to cure cancer.

He works to discover a cure while fending against mutants who are trying to kill him when the virus doesn’t touch him. Having already seen The Omega Man (1971) and The Last Man on Earth (1964), this is the third film adaptation of Matheson’s novel to hit the big screen.

When Warner Bros. originally started working on I Am Legend in 1994, a number of actors and directors were attached to the project, but production was delayed due to budgetary issues with the screenplay. It all started in New York City, with a $5 million scene filmed on the Brooklyn Bridge in 2006.

When I Am Legend opened in the United States and Canada on December 14, 2007, it earned a total of $585 million from domestic ticket sales and international ticket sales, making it the highest grossing non-Christmas movie in the United States for the month of December. With Smith’s performance getting exceptional praise, the film’s changes from the novel, particularly the ending, were the focus of the majority of criticism.

In the End, What Happened to I Am Legend?

They’ve arrived in Bethel, Vermont, where Anna informs Neville that they’ve boarded a Red Cross evacuation ship from So Paulo after escaping the plague there. According to Neville, there is no such camp, and he denies it. Neville believes that, while he works on the therapy with the female Darkseeker, lowering her body temperature with ice would improve its efficacy. In the early hours of the morning, the Darkseekers who had been keeping an eye on Anna and Neville the night before burst in. Neville, Anna, and Ethan flee to the basement laboratory in order to safeguard the female patient.

When a Darkseeker alpha male smashes his head into a glass door in an effort to storm into the building, Neville looks at the issue. Before trapping Ethan and Anna in a coal tunnel at the lab’s back, Neville heals a lady and offers her a vial of her blood. Neville risks his life to preserve the cure by throwing a grenade at the Darkseekers.

After a long journey, Anna and Ethan finally make it to the Bethel survivors’ camp the next day. To make Neville a true hero, Anna narrates the tale of his bravery and selflessness in saving everyone on Earth.

To far, there have been no sequels or prequels to I Am Legend, Will Smith’s critically and commercially successful film from 2007. When production firms strive to use as much existing intellectual property as possible, it’s confusing, especially in today’s pop culture milieu. Furthermore, it’s astonishing that Will Smith, the hero of I Am Legend, is still bankable and on the verge of becoming a superstar.

It is true that I Am Legend was not ready for a follow-up. During the play’s finale, Dr. Robert Neville, played by Smith, passed away. A sequel isn’t required, but Hollywood hasn’t let that stop it before if it feels it can earn more money. Even while they continue to watch meaningless movies to reinforce the loop, fans regularly lament this issue.

This Easter egg in I Am Legend mentions Batman v Superman, therefore it’s worth mentioning here.

A prequel or sequel to Francis Lawrence’s first I Am Legend film has previously been discussed extensively by the director. This time around, it appears that the desire to generate money was not able to overcome the barriers to innovation.

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Reasons Why I Am Legend 2 Hasn’t Been Announced-

As far back as 2008, there were rumours of an I Am Legend prequel in the works, with Will Smith and Francis Lawrence potentially returning to reprise their roles should the screenplay be up to par. A “last stand” will be made in Washington, D.C. by Robert Neville and his team, according to Smith’s announcement.

Before New York City fell down in the original film, Neville’s backstory was revealed. This would naturally lead to the prequel’s narrative. Lawrence pronounced I Am Legend 2 to be “dead in the water” in 2011 since no new developments had been made.

Although Warner Bros. said in 2012 and 2014 that it was considering an I Am Legend prequel, Smith refused to participate, and both projects were cancelled. According to Lawrence, when asked whether he and director Kevin Smith were open to making another I Am Legend movie in 2018, the studio was certainly intrigued.

A prologue would be like a supernatural version of Contagion, but finding a way to bring back or clone Smith’s Neville for a sequel would feel like cheating.

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End Lines-

I Am Legend 2 looks to be doomed for the time being since Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to be interested in completing the project without Smith.

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