How To Write an Essay on Your Favorite Movie?

College life can be challenging and hectic at times, but enjoyable at others too. It is during this time that you learn more about the world and your favorite topic. But you also learn more about morality, friendship, relationships, dedication, productivity, writing, and many more. Speaking of writing, written assignments are the most popular form of evaluation many teachers prefer.

So, as a college student, you have probably written quite a few until now. Some of which you might have found boring, some of which you might have found exciting. Writing an essay on your favorite movie might fall into the latest category, as it is a topic you surely love.

Some students get so excited and want to do it so well that they might start feeling overwhelmed by the expectations teachers and themselves have. An essay writing service can help you get started and its writers can share some tips and tricks to support you. If you are wondering what you should start with, here is a short list of suggestions.

Read the Essay Requirements

If you have not written an essay on your favorite movie until now, it would be helpful to read the requirements. It is wise to do this even though you have written on this topic before, as professors have distinct requirements. You will find out more details about the length of the essay, its format, and maybe some guidelines to follow.

This is essential as it will help you understand the expectations of the professor. Maybe they want you to focus more on the acting than on the special effects, and so on. Meeting the requirements is crucial so being aware of them at the start of the process will lead you to a powerful and amazing essay on your favorite movie.

Watch the Movie Twice or More

As highlighted above, writing about a topic you love comes with joy and excitement. You have so many ideas flowing through your head, you want to touch so many subjects. But how do you organize them on paper? Is there a structure you should follow? Are there any details you should mention? Well, these and many other questions might arise in your mind. Before deciding what you want to include and highlight, it would be helpful to watch the movie at least twice.

If it is your favorite movie, you have probably seen it a few times until now. But now, you need to pay attention to specific features. How is the lightning? The sound? How do actors play the characters? What is the storyline? Watching the movie more than once will help you analyze its particularities and highlight them in your movie essay. It is essential to take notes during the whole process so that you make sure you will not miss any details you want to mention.

Hook the Reader

Writing about a movie might feel like a challenge as you need to engage the reader in the introduction. If you hook them, they will continue reading your essay about your favorite movie. Steer away from classical beginnings such as “this is my favorite movie because..” or other similar phrases.

To spark their curiosity, you should begin by stating an interesting fact, asking a thought-provoking question, or sharing a fact they might have thought is false. You can find other strategies to hook the reader, but make sure you do not forget to create one in your essay introduction.

Not Too Many Details

When students write about a topic they love, they might forget about the word limit or details they need to share. This might happen to you too, as for sure you have a lot to say about your favorite movie. It is essential to keep in mind to avoid giving too many details as it will transform into a movie summary.

Focus on the plot and plot twists and talk more about the characters, the context, and what you love about the movie. There are so many interesting and fascinating details you could share, so do not replace them with unnecessary details about the story.

Final Thoughts

Having to write an essay on your favorite movie might be the academic task you were expecting for a long time. Writing about a topic you simply love makes the entire task even more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are looking for guidelines on how to start or what to write, these will surely help you. Make sure you understand the requirements and what your professor expects of you.

Watch the movie at least twice and take notes while you do it, to make sure you do not miss important details. Hook the reader from the beginning to catch their attention and have them read the essay. Do not give too many details about the storyline, but highlight the plot twists, the characters, special effects, and what you love about the movie.

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