How to Properly Schedule Your Employees.

How to Properly Schedule Your Employees.

The Importance of Organisation Within All Areas of Life.

Being organised is something that has been innately hardwired into our brains ever since our humble beginnings as hunters and gatherers. Being organised does not just make life more convenient for us, but it also essentially gives one a structured lifestyle, one free from hindrances and stress.

The man who wakes up at 7.00am, has a balanced breakfast, gets to work on time everyday, goes by his workday, exercises frequently before and after and stick to a routine, will find himself much freer of stress as well as statistically more likely to find success than the man who wakes up at different times everyday, arrives late to work, eats junk food and overall lacks a routine and organisation.

The point of these statements is to highlight the importance of organisation within our lives. Being organised alleviates stress and confusion, and allows us to use the energy we would otherwise spend on mundane things, even being linked to one having better overall mental health through organisation. In Essence, being organised gives you more time to focus on what matters, rather than on what could be avoided.

What rings true for us as individuals also rings true for businesses. A good business knows how to organise itself and its workforce, especially within such a cutthroat environment where businesses fall faster than they rise, where all companies, no matter what they produce, will do what it takes to come out on top.

It’s a dog eat dog world, and the business that comes on top is usually the one which diverts its energy to important matters, rather than fretting due to poor organisation.

The biggest part of how a business should be properly organised comes from the role its workforce plays and how well structured and organised they are in terms of shifts, and placements. Efficiency is key in a business, and with efficiency comes organisation and planning.

If you’re wondering how to accomplish this, fear not as this article will give you a perfect blueprint on how to properly divert your time and energy from stress, to productivity, and join the biggest players by properly organising and scheduling your workforce well.

Scheduling Pre-Requisites.

Some of the most important ways one can schedule their staff is to know their staff. Before even beginning the process of scheduling, one should know to have a list of, not just their staff, but of their working status, certifications, relevant skills, as well as keeping in mind if they’re students.

Apart from that, knowing the employee personally would be a good idea, as you have a better idea of their personalities. Your staff is also your team, and knowing how to manage them well is a must in any business. Schedule to their strengths and specifications, as this may keep them happy and reduce problems within your roster.

Use of Software.

Many of the leading companies make use of the best scheduling software, to properly schedule their employees in an efficient manner. No one was able to hammer in a nail with using a shoe, and no good company is able to work efficiently without the right scheduling tools.

Making use of the right software is key, and what one should do is find a software that works well for them. A must would be to use a highly rated software, especially one which is paid, as many free softwares may not have as many options. One with a simple user interface is also one that any prospective business owner should look out for, as it caters to even the newest business owners and makes it simpler for employees to track their shifts.

Predict Activity Levels.

Make predictions about future activity levels based on the levels of activity that already exist. If, for example, your data shows that some times of the day or year are going to be busier than others, you will be able to forecast with a reasonable degree of accuracy that this pattern will continue to exist and can adjust your preparations appropriately.

This way, you can know how best to spread staff out, on which days, appropriately putting manpower where it is needed, and reducing it where is not. Knowing when to put in the right amount of manpower can save you time, money, and most importantly, secures your peace of mind.

Have Backup Plans.

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail but even without the best laid plans behind you, things can go wrong in a heartbeat. Keep emergency backup plans in mind, so managers wouldn’t have to scramble to fill spots, in the case of emergencies. Flexibility, planning and determination are all requirements for this.

The control of work shifts that are disrupted as a result of employee absences can be maintained by managers through the use of tools such as an availability list and shift trades.

Communication is Key.

You cannot ignore the fact that employees will require time off for matters unrelated to work. After all, it can be difficult to separate work from personal life, and therefore problems like this are bound to arise.

Without appropriate coordination, such as inquiring availability, department heads will experience schedule difficulties.

A clear channel of communication with staff is an effective treatment for these circumstances. A uniform method should be in place to notify management when a shift is understaffed. Managers should not be startled, whether the time off was planned or unplanned.

Scheduling in advance allows staff to examine their shifts. If necessary, they can request time off or trade shifts with a coworker. This allows management sufficient time to recruit a successor so that crucial deadlines can be met.


When it comes to choosing how to spread your staff, a good schedule is the most important thing, as it squashes problems before they can even happen. If one keeps the aforementioned tips in mind, such as keeping communication open, using the right software and knowing how to use their workforce in the most efficient manner, you too, can be on the fast track to managing your business like those at the top of the business food chain, and moving your business a step forward.

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