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Hobbs & Shaw 2: When Will The Sequel Release? Details Inside

“Hobbs & Shaw 2” is coming someday. Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule stands in the way of the sequel, but the Hollywood action star already has an idea how to end the series.

“Hobbs & Shaw,” the first and so far only “Fast & Furious” film spin-off, was very successful in 2019 and entertained the audience with action and the humorous exchange of blows between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

The film ended with a cliffhanger suggesting a sequel. However, two years later, “Hobbs & Shaw 2” has still not started filming. That’s not because the project was scrapped, but because Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule. In addition, Johnson is also involved as a producer and would not just jump from shoot to shoot. Instead, he also wants to have a say and make sure that he can proudly stand behind every project.

“On the subject of Hobbs & Shaw, which we loved and loved to make, I had an idea, and I called Donna Langley, our writer Chris Morgan and our producer Hiram Garcia. And I said, “I got this idea and this direction for Hobbs,” and I introduced it, and everyone loved it. It would be the exact opposite of what the “Fast & Furious” films are usually, which go on and on and on and on. In this film, I want to make a Hobbs film in which, without giving too much away, a man walks into the sunset.”

According to Johnson, when Hobbs & Shaw goes into production is still a matter of timing. In addition (a spoiler for “Fast & Furious 9” follows), Jason Statham can be seen in the latest Fast movie in the scene after the credits and, therefore, probably part of the two upcoming films.

So it has to consider Statham’s shooting dates, and it has to make sense that Shaw is on a big mission with both Dom and Shaw.

Hobbs & Shaw 2: When Will The Sequel Release? 

At the moment, it doesn’t look like Hobbs & Shaw 2 will release before 2024. “Fast & Furious” continues in 2022 and 2023, after which the Fast series is supposedly over, and the screen belongs to Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw alone, at least for one film. After all, Johnson wants the sequel to conclude simultaneously as it represents the spin-off series.

Maybe Jason Statham will keep the Fast franchise running alone, or the engines will be switched off for a few years and then restarted with a reboot or a new spin-off. Universal will certainly not completely bury the successful series.

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