Hawkeye: Who Is ECHO In Disney+ Series?

Hawkeye ECHO

He doesn’t have a movie to his name, but he does have a series: Hawkeye takes back his arrows in Hawkeye on Disney, + Surprises await him. Among the Avengers of the first hour, one of them seems aggrieved: Falcon Eye. Disney + has chosen to fix all this with the Hawkeye series. And characters seem to have left to enter the universe. 


Because with  Black Widow,  the black widow was able to say a real farewell to Marvel. Her sister is getting ready to hunt for Falcon’s Eye, which she considers responsible for his death. But Falcon’s Eye does not exist in the universe.

While he’s been a part of the Avengers from the start, Disney + pays homage to him with  Hawkeye. A step aside for the platform and even for the MCU. Because with  Les Eternels,  Loki, What if,  or even  WandaVision,  the universe is going all over the place.

As with  Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this time, Marvel is returning to the more traditional. The universe indeed describes and recounts the daily life of Œil de Faucon. His family, his fights, his difficulties But surprises happen.

Indeed, at the end of the second episode broadcast on Disney +, a new character arrives, The Echo. Because the young woman of Native American origin has just had Clint and Kate kidnapped. And she comes straight out of the comics dedicated to Falcon’s Eye. Hawkeye hangs up the cars with the Comics. We thus find a character appreciated by fans. But also very strong. Expert in martial arts, she is, therefore, able to copy and reproduce the techniques of her opponent.


And if the arrival of Echo is likely to have resonances in the life of Falcon Eye,  it is because she has already shown her qualities elsewhere. She has indeed already worn the Ronin costume. And so is one of the recurring characters of Daredevil.

In the comics, she arrives to avenge her father. According to  CinéSeries, Daredevil finds himself accused of the death of his father. Echo, therefore, goes in search of revenge. A quest also staged in the Marvel universe, starting from the Disney + series?

Hawkeye could indeed be a natural gateway for Echo. She, who will meet Clint and understand who Ronin is, risks changing sides and therefore wants to find real revenge: the one against the Kingpin.

The true killer of his father, the Kingpin, will therefore be his main quest. It could therefore be that this shattering debut on Disney + is only the beginning of the story of Echo on the platform. And indeed,  CineSeries adds a little detail on the subject. The media relay info: in 2023, Echo should have its series. It thus wholly integrates the MCU, and its history will intensify. This series would therefore be expected for 2023. But some problems are likely to arise.

The Kingpin and Daredevil are indeed part of the past, even for the multiverse. Marvel will therefore have to deal with the histories (and liabilities) of all the characters to make Echo resonate. In the meantime, she has just kidnapped two of Hawkeye’s main characters.


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