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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Crossover Will Mark Death Of A Character?

On November 11th, the ABC cult series ” Grey’s Anatomy ” returns with a crossover episode with ” Seattle Firefighters “. In “Bottle Up And Explode”, the story revolves around a bomb in Seattle. A first trailer for the episode suggests that not all of our series heroes will survive.

But will it hit him? The trailer shows that Miranda Bailey cannot reach her husband, Ben. But would the series makers dare to kill this popular character?

Maybe it could happen to Jack. Because he’s just ended a relationship, and there is no new romance insight. So his death wouldn’t interrupt a storyline.

The crossover of the two series on November 11th will provide an answer to this question.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4: Interns Had A Solo Flight

In “With a Little Help From My Friends,” the fourth episode of Season 18 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, ” Richard lets the interns do their first solo operations. Bailey is concerned about it, but Richard doesn’t let that stop him.

He, Bailey, and Meredith go from OR to OR to guide and monitor the interns. Despite some complications in Helms and Taryn operations, the senior physicians have to intervene, and the interns successfully get the operations over.

Noah and Owen, meanwhile, have to take Roy, the organizer of a support group, to the hospital after coughing up blood. It turns out that in addition to pulmonary fibrosis, he also has lung cancer. Roy has to have an operation but dies after the operation.

Meanwhile, Jo has to take care of the pregnant Nikki, whose new boyfriend has not noticed her pregnancy. Addison and Amelia transplant a uterus to Tovah.

Megan seeks a pediatric opinion from Cormac for a patient. As it turns out, this is your son Farouk. This has a noticeable heart murmur. Cormac notes that Farouk needs an operation to treat endocarditis.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: 4 Former Stars Might Return

The eighteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy is airing in the US. In the new season, a blast from the past is expected, and it comes with the return of four former characters. 

  • Kate Walsh as Dr Addison Montgomery

After almost ten seasons, Kate Walsh will return as Dr Addison Montgomery in Season 18. 

  • Abigail Spencer as Dr Megan Hunt

One of the prominent faces of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Megan Hunt, will return in the eighteenth season marking it as her first appearance in the show since Season 15. 

  • Kate Burton as Dr Ellis Grey

Meredith’s mom will be returning to the show once again. 

  • Scott Speedman as Dr Nick Marsh

One of the most awaited returns will be Scott Speedman, who will reprise his role as Nick Marsh. 

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