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Great Pretender Season 3 Official Renewal Updates!

Written as GREAT PRETENDER, Great Pretender is that the original Japanese crime comedy anime television series, released in Japan in June 2020 within the first case. The series followed two internationally licensed channels from Netflix Original. The plot was divided into four cases: l. a. Connection, Singapore Sky, the primary three cases of this anime, London’s third Snow released worldwide on Netflix in August 2020, and the Wizard of the Far East. 

Directed by Hiro Kaburagi, produced by Wit Studio, and by Meita Kurosawa, this crime comedy has become the foremost visually striking anime of 2020, entertaining viewers and proving to be a hidden gem. Season 1 ended with a little Cliffhanger with a replacement Cliffhanger update, so there is a great opportunity for the subsequent season. Fans are very excited about the new part, but officially there was no mention of the third season. How about the story of Season 3? determine when to urge different doses and details.

Official release date!

In spite of the show’s popularity and with the second season released a couple of months ago, but there are not any announcements that the show is going to be updated to the third season. Fortunately, the director of the series gave Hiro Kaburagi guidance on the way to develop and continue this anime story. 

Consistent with an interview with Anime News Network, he thanked the audience for his great support reception and abroad. He added that the team is trying to find another season that’s better than the previous one. He sent a letter of appreciation to the audience asking them to revive the story of another episode by providing more views on Netflix.

Who is going to reprise their roles?

There’s no evidence of that, and therefore the season isn’t over yet, so we’re hoping the series will resume its familiar look from the previous season. the subsequent characters are expected to revive their role.

  • Makoto Edamura voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi
  • Laurent Thierry by Junichi Suwabe
  • Abigail Jones was voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Cynthia Moore voiced by Mie Sonozaki
  • Kudo is voiced by Yohei Tadano
  • Kim Si Won voiced by Kujira
  • Akemi Suzaku voiced by Gara Takashima

Official plotline!

So far, there’s no evidence of the plot within the next part. But what’s certain is that the second season is over and fans are skeptical. Season 2 ended with the Cliffhanger where Dorothy lived … but how? Fans are confused by this climax and are trying to find a solution to how she escaped death. The third season should have tons to get during this crime drama. The series features a unique story, so you’ll continue for an extended time with an equivalent pace, tension, and adventure.

Do we have a trailer?

No, there’s no trailer for Part 3 yet. The official announcement remains awaited, but the complete scenario is going to be revealed shortly. Until then, you’ll enjoy the past seasons again.

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