Fruit of Evolution Season 2

Fruit of Evolution Season 2: Release Date Status, Plot & Renewal Updates

The new anime Fruit of Evolution is a typical harem in the center. The guy is not popular at school because of his excess weight, strange clothes, and many personal complexes. The manga author was a certain Miku, who released a series of fantastic stories about the main character. After a while, the novel received an adaptation. Today, the fans have been talking about the release of Fruit of Evolution Season 2. Here’s everything a fan must know about the anime.

Fruit of Evolution Season 2: When Will It Release?

An anime about an unlucky guy named Seichiya has found its fans. The estimated release date for season 2 of Fruit of Evolution (Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei) is 2022. Despite low viewership ratings and harsh critical reviews, the anime has a chance of getting a second season. Recall that the first part of the manga was finished in December 2021. Viewers’ ratings and reviews will determine the further fate of the project.

Fruit of Evolution Season 2: What Is The Plot?

Seichi is a typical outsider. He suffers from excess weight and an absolute lack of taste when choosing clothes. The girls do not pay any attention to the young man. One day a high school student moves into a world ruled by magic. Unlike her classmates, who have received powerful abilities at their disposal, Seichii does not acquire anything decent.

On top of that, he finds himself in the forest, not in the city, because only Seichi was left without a pair. Here the young man becomes easy prey for wild animals. An accident saves the protagonist from death: having become interested in dangerous plants, the guy himself becomes poisonous. Now, it is not going to be devoured by animals. Soon, the recognized loser begins to pump the acquired skills and even acquires fans.

Many critics who read the manga were disappointed with the work. They found the story pretty mediocre and completely uninteresting. But, as always, there were also fans of Miku’s work who couldn’t wait for the release of the picture Fruit of Evolution season 2.

The anime was developed by the Children’s Playground Entertainment studio, from under whose wing the projects like The Faraway Paladin and Hatena Illusion were released. Unfortunately, the company has not yet informed the audience if there will be a Fruit of Evolution season 2.

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