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Fire Emblem Engage Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and More

Over the Past Ten Years, Fire Emblem Has Come a Long Way from A Little-Known Series on The Verge of Ending to One of Nintendo’s Largest Franchises with Numerous Spinoffs, Including the Massive Mobile Hit Fire Emblem Heroes and The Dynasty Warriors-Like Three Hopes, Not to Mention 2019’s Adored Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Engage, a Very Different-Looking Mainline Entry that Sports a Vibrant Art Style and Lets You Summon the Heroes of Previous Games, Is Now Poised to Bring About yet Another Evolution for The Series. Here Is All the Information We Have on Fire Emblem Engage.

The release date for Fire Emblem Engage

The main benefit of Nintendo’s lack of transparency regarding upcoming games is that it frequently announces major surprises along with release dates, as is the case with Fire Emblem Engage.

Just a few months after it was revealed during a Nintendo Direct in September 2022, the game will be made available on January 20, 2023.

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Divine Edition of Fire Emblem Engage

Pre-orders for Fire Emblem Engage are currently available but difficult to find. There isn’t much time left to secure a copy of the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition because the new Switch strategy game is scheduled to launch on January 20.

In addition to a physical copy of the game, an art book, art cards, a poster, and an exclusive stylebook, that is the limited-release version.

Fire Emblem

You will control Clear in the video game Engage. Clear is a warrior who helped slay the Fell Dragon, which brought about the end of the world, and has been sleeping for a thousand years.

The Fell Dragon eventually awakens you, and you are given the mission to help battle it by exploring the continent of Elyos and gathering the Emblem Rings, which stand in for strong heroes from earlier games.

Flame Emblem The combat in Engage is turn-based; the player chooses their actions while viewing the battlefield, and the action then zooms in as it is finished.

The Emblem Rings, which you can wear to combine the abilities of other characters, play a significant role in combat. In addition to fighting, there is an exploration in hub areas where you can interact with other characters and make purchases from vendors.


Those who have played previous games will immediately recognize the overhead, grid-based concept. The map will show you and your squad with colored squares showing where you can maneuver and attack.

It is necessary to manage and plan around each unit’s unique attributes, weaponry, and skills. The traditional weapon triangle also seems to be back.

The Engage mechanic, which enables units to call up the emblems of heroes from earlier games like the aforementioned Marth, Roy, Byleth, and many others, is something new.

When called, the unit will resemble a Stand from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in some ways, fusing with the emblem to give it new abilities, stat boosts, weaponry, and other benefits.

To summon them, each character must have a unique ring that is connected to an Emblem and can be switched around. We don’t know if summoning Emblems has a cost or a cap, but there is probably a mechanism in place to balance the mechanic.

A little hub area exploring is also seen. There does seem to be a sizable town and castle that will serve as your base, though it doesn’t appear as solid or substantial as what we had in Three Hopes, at least thus far.

Here, we catch a few peeks at some stores and even a location where you may change your characters’ attire. These seem to be restricted to simply switching out their shirt, glasses, or accessory.

Year’s ability to transform into a dragon form with their Divine Dragon ability isn’t displayed, but it’s probably there in some fashion. This was achievable in previous games where Divine Dragons were present, therefore it should happen again.

Although you can connect with your team and even Emblem heroes in this area, it is unknown whether Fire Emblem Engage will feature a comprehensive relationship structure.


There won’t be any multiplayer in Fire Emblem Engage. Since the series has never adequately included any type of multiplayer functionality, this should not be shocking.

Trailers for Fire Emblem Engage

During the aforementioned Nintendo Direct, the first Fire Emblem Engage trailer was released. It contains a substantial amount of material.

There is a tonne of information in there, including the introduction of our protagonist Clear, a few gameplay snippets, and much more. Any more trailers that are released will also be added here for you.

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