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Doors of Stone is getting an official release date – When is the book coming out?

For those that are patiently expecting the release of subsequent books within the Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss, we feel your pain. As you recognize, the ultimate “Wise Ones Sphere” was released in March 2011, quite 10 years after the new fantasy series. It had been only three years from the publication of the primary book “The Name of the Wind” to the publication of the second book. It’s understandable that Fan is wondering if the Door of Stone will begin.

Fortunately, Rothfuss gave me the newest information on the writing process, but the bad news is that “Stone Door” doesn’t seem to finish soon. Of course, there are rumors about when the third book will appear . There’s also news that it’ll be released this winter. But we certainly aren’t seeing any such signs but let’s examine why people think that way.

When is the last part of Kingkiller Chronicles coming out?

The release date of “Doors of Stone” is undecided, but rumors are widespread. Three years ago, the enthusiastic Redditior announced that he had found a pre-order date for a book on This was in July 2021 when the release date was confirmed. And since we are here in October 2021 with no new updates from the author or website, it’s just a rumor and we can safely guess that the web site is facing a drag. 

Back in the beginning of 2021 Stanford Art Review reported that the Stone Door would debut in 2021 as stated by Amazon. Since there are not any signs of this, it’s possible that this page was also misunderstood by the book vendor.

About a month ago, a Redditor shared the long-awaited PSA on the Kingkiller Chronicle subreddit and warned people to not take care because the expected release on Amazon, Goodreads, or other book websites might be inaccurate as we told you. 

Rothfuss said during a live broadcast on Twitch that he publicly explained how difficult it’s to push through the Stone Gate. During a recent article, Quill Award winners admitted that he was a “perfectionist” and modified parts of the story to form it right. There doesn’t seem to be a planned release date, so you almost certainly shouldn’t believe any confirmed date online.

Synopsis of the story

This story is about a character named Kvothe. One of the novels was published nine years ago. This fantasy novel is about a world called Temerant. The story begins with a “wind name” a few men named Cvote. He became one among the foremost fascinating magicians within the world. This story isn’t almost magic. It is also about how weak people gain more power and are not any longer left behind.

The second novel also talks about our characters and their desire to measure their inheritance. The book continues when Cvote asks why his parents died. This person wants the meaning of his own life. He would like to understand more about things, like why it happens. The second book within the series plays almost an equivalent role because the first book, starting where it ends. His goal throughout the series is to seek out Amir’s secret. 

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