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Do Allison and Lennon die in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

“I know what you probably did last summer” is a mysterious drama that hides secrets and revolves around a gaggle of friends who are attacked by an ominous serial murderer. The series is filled with amazing twists and turns, supported by charming characters with intricate motifs. All of those aspects are evident within the show’s handling of the story of dual sisters Allison and Lennon. 

This series relies on the metaphor of the other polar siblings to feature a shocking twist within the first episode that captivates the viewer. But it also causes some confusion about the fate of the sisters. If you’re one among the confused viewers trying to find evidence of Alison and Lennon’s fate at the show, here’s everything you would like to understand therein regard!

What happened to Allison and Lennon in the first season of I Know What You Did Last Summer?

In the first episode of “I Know What I Did Last Summer,” Lennon and Allison Grant (Madison Iseman plays a dual role) as controversial twin sisters. to introduce. Lennon is an open and determined sister, and Allison may be a shy and ignorant sister. the 2 attend a graduation ceremony at Lennon’s ally, Margot. 

At the party, Lennon will roll in the hay with Allison’s crush and Dylan. The incident results in a large-scale debate between sisters. After the battle, Lennon gets into her car, and when her friends Margot, Johnny, Riley, and Dylan get into the car and check out to drive. Lennon drives the road while her friends play games within the car. Eventually, Lennon meets an individual within the middle of the road. It seems that the person is none aside from her twin sister!

Are Allison and Lennon dead? 

After the accident, Lennon and her friends discovered that Allison was dead. The group discusses what to try to do. Fearing their future, they decided to cover their bodies during a cave, hoping that they might be washed away when crammed with tidewater. Everything goes well, from the mysterious murderer who claims to understand the secret targets of the group and kills them one by one. they’re unaware of the good deception while their friends are united in trying to seek out the identity of the murderer.

A flashback to Grad Night reveals that it had been Allison who went out of control in Lennon’s jacket after their battle. She got into Lennon’s car, a lover who thought she was Lennon within the driver’s seat also joined. So it’s Lennon who actually hits her car and dies. Meanwhile, Allison takes over her sister’s life and pretends to be her. To cover her secret, Allison inflicts equivalent self-harm on her sister. Her twin father, Bruce, is there to assist create Alison’s cover story.

Lennon’s body was later found during a bank. Consistent with the cover-up, Alison escaped from the house and made the townspeople believe that he had found Alison’s body. A funeral is going to be arranged for “Alison”, where the real Allison attends as Lennon. Therefore, both Allison and Lennon are, so to talk, dead. To the planet, Alison is dead, but Lennon is really dead. The twist makes the story very compelling, as Alison must hide the very fact that she caused the death of her sister and must pretend to be Lennon to guard herself against the prison.

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