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Did you spot Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones? Was the singer a part of this show?

Ed Sheeran is far and away the most famous pop star within the world today. With songs like “Shape of You,” “Perfect,” and “Castle on Capitol Hill ,” he turned countless non-romantic minds into a jumble of his emotions, and for subsequent few decades leveled the direction of the whole music industry. 

What many do not realize about him is that he’s a fanatical popular culture enthusiast. He has made numerous cameo appearances in various films and tv shows as a supporting character with himself. He has seen either “Game of Thrones” or “Red Notice” and if you think you’ve seen a singer in some scenes, you would like to understand this.

So was he really in Game of Thrones?

Yes, Ed Sheeran killed Cersei Lannister within the King’s Landing of Game of Thrones. After poisoning all the male members of House Frey and tearing Walder Frey’s throat, she heard Lanister soldiers singing “Golden Hands.” She rides her horse and approaches them, saying it is a cute song before she admits she’s never heard of it. Eddie, who oversaw the group’s performance, replies that it is a new song.

Lanister soldiers welcome Aria within the midst of them. They share her food and wine together with her and help young assassins understand that what she considers to be her enemy is ordinary people trying to survive during a world of little relentlessness. increase. 

What Eddie says about “Hands of Gold” is perhaps true in Shaw Kanon, but the song within the book is Simon threatening Tyrion Lannister for a secret relationship with prostitute Shay. -Composed by Minstrel named Silver Tan. Needless to say , this was clothed to be an immature plan that ended with Brown killing the singer at Tyrion’s command.

The showmaker organized a cameo for Sea Run to surprise Williams, a lover of Thinking aloud singers. However, Sophie Turner is reported to have ruined her surprise by mentioning it during the tournament. But what none of them clearly foresaw was the backlash from fans who found cameos to be miserable and annoying to ascertain international pop stars at their favorite shows.

At Season 8’s premiere, Winterfell, a prostitute accompanying Bron, talks to a few “ginger” Lanister soldiers named Eddie who appears to have been involved within the Battle of Gold Street (Season 7, Episode 4, “Loot”). Daenerys Targaryen attacks the Lanister army with a horde of dragons Bron and Doslaqui. consistent with Bron’s companion, Eddie’s face is burnt and has no eyelids. After the episode aired, Sheeran visited Instagram to thank the HBO series for keeping his character alive. “Thanks to @gameofthrones. I knew I used to be a survivor,” he writes.

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