Descendants 4: Plot, release date and everything we know!

Descendants 4: Plot, release date and everything we know!

There were high hopes when Disney announced Descendants with our favorite actors – and they certainly delivered. Since the film’s release, Disney has released two more live-action movies, also as a couple of animated specials, including This Summer’s Descendants: The Royal Wedding. 

Within the animated film, viewers saw Mal and Ben finally exchange I Two, much to Hades’ dismay. The longer term could have positioned itself because of the final chapter within the franchise’s successful career; However, in a stimulating turn of events, the film appeared to set the stage for Descendants 4 in. 

Was it just an illusion from Disney, could a fourth movie within the hit franchise come out? Here’s what we know about Descendants 4 thus far , including once we realize the fourth movie within the franchise, when it’d begin (including Disney Plus), expected plot, and more.

Is it going to come out?

At present , Disney has yet to verify plans for a fourth Descendants movie; Descendants: The Royal Wedding, however, appeared to set the stage for an additional movie. When the animated special ended, the camera panned over to a bouquet of white roses that were painted red before we were led down the rabbit burrow and turned black. 

The teasing seems to point to plans for a replacement sequel to the franchise, one with ties to Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, Disney has plans to continue the franchise. It’ll be interesting to ascertain if these plans include a fourth live-action film or if the franchise could continue down the animated path with an animated film.

Release date

Given that Disney has yet to verify if a fourth Descendants movie is within the works, it’s unclear when exactly Descendants 4 might be coming to Disney. counting on when Disney officially announces the project and if it seems to be a live-action or animated film, the film may arrive as early as 2022. 

However, it’s important to notice that Disney traditionally released new episodes every 2 years, with Descendants in July 2015, Descendants 2 in July 2017, Descendants 3 in August 2019, and Descendants: The Royal Wedding in August 2021. If Disney follows an identical release schedule with the fourth film, Descendants 4 will likely arrive sometime within the summer of 2023.

Where can you stream it?

If Descendants 4 premieres on Disney Channel within the summer of 2023, fans will likely need to wait until early 2024 for the movie to air on Disney Plus. This is often because Disney generally released the Descendants movies about six months after their Disney Channel debut on Disney Plus.


An official summary of Descendants 4 has not been released, but it’s been said that the fourth film will take viewers to Wonderland taking inspiration from the favored Disney classic.


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