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‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 2: Release Date? Plot? Cast?

On December 8th, 2021, US broadcaster CBS showed the season finale of the “CSI” series revival ” CSI: Vegas “. Max’s team worked with Sara and Gil Anson to convict Wix, save Hodges and protect the reputation of the CSI laboratory. But after the final scene, fans naturally ask for more.

Is There A Release Date For “CSI: Vegas” Season 2?

An official extension to season 2 by CBS is currently pending. Therefore one can only speculate about a possible start date. If new episodes get the green light in the next few months, Season 2 could be seen on the US broadcaster in autumn 2022.

What Is The Plot

Wix is ​​put behind bars by Hodges on a series of charges, and Max celebrates the big win. She gets her office back in the laboratory. Meanwhile, Sara and Gil opted for the thrill and kiss while riding their favorite roller coaster before the couple whizz down a steep hill.

Sin City, however, has no sleep. A final scene at the end of the season showed you a strange white room covered over and over with doodles. The camera panned down to a pair of black-gloved hands scribbling the words. Is the notorious serial killer Ian Moone aka Sqweegel coming back from the original series?

“Actually … it may not be Sqweegel at all. It could just be black gloves. I’d better leave it at that,” Jason Tracey explained in an interview with the online magazine TVLine. When asked that what the black gloves write looks like WEEG (as in Sqweegel) Tracey has an appropriate answer.

Whether an iconic serial killer from the original series is going back or the CSI team is dealing with a new madman has not yet been clarified. And even if Season 2 has not yet been officially confirmed, at least it sounds like you have enough ideas for a sequel.

In any case, the broadcaster CBS was very satisfied with the new ideas for the reboot and the number of viewers, said the showrunner. “They’ll let us know. It’s on my Christmas wish list to have more clarity about it, but I’m not going to speak for the broadcaster. I’m just waiting patiently for the hoped-for season 2 to be announced.”


Laboratory technician Hodges (Wallace Langham) was saved, so all actors will return in season 2. William Petersen and Jorja Fox will star Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. Also returning are Paula Newsome (” Chicago Med “) as Max, Matt Lauria (” Parenthood “) as Josh, Mel Rodriguez (” Last Man on Earth “) as Dr. Hugo Ramirez, and Mandeep Dhillon (“After Life”) as Allie Rajan.

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