Community Movie Release Date

“Community Movie” Released Date Revealed Soon With More Action and Suspense!

Community is one of these off-kilter sitcoms that, like many others of its kind, made a lot of fans, led to a lot of memes, and made a lot of people cry when it ended. But, just like those other sitcoms, Community is now getting a movie. Before you get too excited about going back to Greendale Community College, there is still a lot to figure out.

But since Community creator Dan Harmon is working on the movie, it seems safe to say that fans of the show will have a lot to look forward to. “When Community debuted on NBC in 2009, it was light years ahead of its time, and we’re excited to visit the brilliant minds of Dan Harmon, Andrew Guest, and this amazing cast again.

We are thankful to Peacock, our partners at UTV, and all the fans who have loved this famous show so much. So, what do we know so far about the movie that seems to have become the standard after season six? Read on to learn everything about the movie Community.

Community Movie Release Date

Community Movie Release Date

At the time this was written, there was no set date for when the Community movie would come out. Even so, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a pretty good idea of when to expect this one. Fans can relax now that they know the movie will come out in 2023 as planned.

At the moment, it looks like a digital launch on the Peacock streaming platform is planned for this year, but no exact date was given. Since filming won’t start until June, though, it’s more likely that it won’t come out until the fourth quarter of 2023, unless delays push it back to 2024.

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Community Movie Story

The community told the story of Jeff Winger, who told a lie that everyone found out about. After that, his whole life changed. When everyone at the firm finds out that he lied about being a lawyer and getting a degree from Columbia University, he is immediately suspended.

Community Movie Release Date

Jeff goes to the local community college to get a law degree that is correct and legal. He starts to like Britta Perry quickly, so he starts a study group to get closer to her. Britta Perry invites his other friends and classmates to the study group, including Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthorne, and Annie Edison.

They are all different, but they soon become friends. All of them get up to different tricks that help the college and each other. In the last episode of the sixth season, we saw them all share a beautiful moment and talk about their future. Well, no matter what the story is about, it will definitely be great and fun to watch.

Where Can I Watch The Community Movie?

Community Movie Release Date

The movie will only be available on the Peacock streaming service. So, people who live in a country where the service is available will be able to watch the movie on Peacock. Whereas, people who live in countries where Peacock is not yet available may be able to watch it on NBC/regional Universal’s broadcast partner(s) for their country or on Blu-ray, DVD, digital rental, or download when it comes out on home video.

Who is in The Movie “Community”?

The movie doesn’t have an official cast list or castings yet, but here are my guesses about which cast members from the show’s six seasons are most likely to return for the movie:

Community Movie Release Date

  • Joel McHale returning as Jeff Winger
  • Danny Pudi returning as Abed Nadir
  • Donald Glover returning as Troy Barnes
  • Alison Brie returning as Annie Edison
  • Ken Jeong returning as Ben Chang
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett
  • Jim Rash returning as Dean Pelton
  • Erik Charles Nielsen returning as Garrett Lambert

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Is There a Community Movie Trailer?

Since full production of the Community movie hasn’t started yet, and filming isn’t set to start until June, there isn’t any official footage yet. But once the cast is on set and the main filming begins, we’re sure to see a teaser sooner rather than later. Rest assured that we’ll keep you up to date right here as new information about the Community movie comes out.

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