Chainsaw Man release date: When are the first season coming out and every detail!

Chainsaw Man release date: When are the first season coming out and every detail!

One of the foremost popular horror-action anime is referred to as Chainsaw Man and you must know it if you’re a real anime enthusiast and conversant in the content types, storytelling styles, and genre exposures that anime offers.

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written and created by Tatsumi Fujimoto. This series was first published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga series has received such a lot of praise from users and critics that it’s likely that you’re going to see an anime about it this year.

The plot of Chainsaw Man Season 1!

The story revolves around an adolescent named Denji. Like other teenagers, Denji has some dreams, but his dreams aren’t as unreachable as a traditional teenager and his life isn’t as simple as other teenagers. Denji wants to measure a peaceful life with a little house and a gorgeous wife. 

However, Denji is being crushed by the yakuza’s large debt. Denji’s father borrowed a loan from the yakuza and died before paying it back. Denji was forced by the yakuza to kill the devil with the assistance of his devil’s pet, Pochita.

Eventually, the yakuza finds Denji useless and is killed by handling the devil. After Denji’s death, his pet fuses together with his body, giving Denji the facility of the devil. Now he has the power to show his part into a chainsaw. Now Denji can kill these demons more easily and cruelly. 

In one of the encounters with the devil, the Department of Public Safety received the scene and offered to officially cooperate with them to kill the devil. Now he can’t stop Denji and he’s able to confront any enemy to measure his teenage dreams.

Official Release Date and Trailer

The Japanese animation studio MAPPA, which is responsible for this animation, has already released a trailer for Chainsaw Man, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 27, 2021. You can watch the trailer below:

There was no such official announcement of the anime release date. The news of animation production exploded in December 2020. Since then, anime fans are expected an equivalent release. After the trailer begins, if everything goes well with the pandemic, it’s expected to ascertain this masterpiece by the end of 2021.

Voice actors of chainsaw man

Animation studio Mappa hasn’t said anything about voice actors to date. The trailer is also almost driven away by the eerie and horrifying noise. Only the people who work on the other side of the anime know about the cast. The director is Ryu Nakayama, the chief director is Maroti Nakazono, and the action director is Tatsuya Yoshihara are the only people we know are part of it.

That’s all we know about the long-awaited anime “Chainsaw Man”. We can’t expect a release until this fall. We are now waiting for Chainsaw Man to be released, as the manga has promised us so much about the storyline.


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