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Britney Spears: New Issue With Her Sister

Britney Spears’ New Year’s resolution seems to be to only surround herself with people who are good for her and who are important to her.

Britney Spears only follows 46 people on Instagram and her sister is no longer among them. During and after the years of guardianship, her relationship with her parents has already broken up publicly. Now it seems that Britney Spears has also completely finished with her sister Jamie Lynn.

Attentive fans noticed that the world star unfollowed this one on Instagram. In line with this, around the same time, she posted a video of birds being freed from cages. Underneath she wrote: “This is symbolic of my year this year!” Coincidence? Probably not. But the unfollow was not that surprising.

Britney Spears: Settlement With Her Sister

In mid-2021, Britney Spears finally broke her silence and expressed her opinion in public. Her sister, Jamie Lynn, didn’t fare well at all. The sister of the world star performed a remix with the hits by Britney Spears with other artists at an awards ceremony in 2017. The singer didn’t like that at all: “I hate it when my sister shows up at an awards ceremony and remixes MY SONGS.”

Her patience was finally broken in October when it became known that Jamie Lynn wanted to title her new memoir “I Must Confess”. This word combination comes from a line of text from Britney Spears debut single “Baby One More Time”. But the greatest disappointment for the world star was probably that her sister simply let her down for years and never stood up for her.

Britney Spears Surprises With A Freak Out On Instagram

Britney Spears is finally fed up and surprised fans with a freak out on Instagram. After winning the guardianship, Britney escalated again and again, mostly with very honest words and now action should follow.

She has apparently spent the last few days scouring her entire Instagram profile and deleting photos. Not just any pictures, but everyone showing her family. A pretty drastic step that makes it very clear that she really doesn’t think much of her family anymore. Bye Lynn, Jamie, Bryan and Jamie-Lynn Spears, Britney doesn’t need or want you anymore! With a total of over 2,700 posts, this deletion was certainly a lot of work. But all people with an ex-relationship or ex-friendship know that such a radical removal of images can sometimes feel very liberating. 

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