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Bridgerton Season 2: Filming Completed! Release Date Details Inside

The continuation of Bridgerton is desired. The fans have been waiting for season 2 for almost a year now. In vain, so the question arises, when will it be released? 

A Different Season 2

On December 25, Netflix hit hard by unveiling its first hit series, “Bridgerton.” No one had seen it coming, and yet it was a huge success.

The series remained at the top of the Netflix charts for a very long time. It was ultimately the Lupine and Squid Game series that dethroned her. It must be said that the plot is very interesting. It plunges us into the good old 19th century. We discover two families: the Bridgerton (Anthony, Daphne) and the Featherington’s (with Philippa, Prudence, and Penelope.)

If this is interesting, it is primarily the love story of Daphne and Simon (aka the Duke of Hastings) that has made more than one dream. The two lovebirds have always been made for each other. But they took a long time to realize it. Their love is rare but so beautiful. But unfortunately, Season 2 will ignore it. Daphne and Simon will no longer be the main characters in Bridgerton.

This is what the director announced. Sad news for Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels. Season 2 will mainly focus on the stories of Anthony, Daphne’s brother. The events of season 2 will shed more light on the daily life of the London elite during the English Regency.

Bridgerton Season 2: What You Must Know

But then the question arises, when will season 2 of Bridgerton be released? Many fans were expecting a release in December 2021.

And for a good reason. The first season aired on Christmas Day. But alas, things are different for the rest of the episodes. They won’t be coming out anytime soon. The main culprit is none other than the coronavirus. Indeed, it delayed the shootings and significantly impacted the production companies. 

Note that the filming of Bridgerton has been stopped several times. Therefore, the last day for the actors ended a few weeks ago, on November 20, 2021, to be precise. This leaves all the internal post-production work, such as assembly and fittings. And one thing is sure, and it takes a long time. Therefore, it will be necessary to be patient to discover season 2 of Bridgerton.

For series, the Netflix platform generally allows at least six months after filming to broadcast new episodes. It is, therefore, possible that season 2 of “Bridgerton” will be released from spring 2022. It may not be the best time, but whatever, this news reassures fans of the series.

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