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All the new updates of Fire Force Season 3!!

Written by Atsushi Okubo, Fire Force is one of the foremost famous anime shows at the highest of the Netflix charts. The primary season was released in 2019 and therefore the second season was premiered in 2020. The show has regeneration within the first two seasons and Season 3 is close to ending. The manga anime of an equivalent name follows an alternate version of Japan where people of supernatural nature are assigned to a special task force called the “Fire Force”.

Fire Force Season 3 – Official release date!

The official release date and confirmation for the third season of “Fire Force” have not yet been announced. However, there’s reason to think that another season of the series is under development and the popularity of the series has led to the sale of an outsized number of manga, which might be announced shortly. 

The official Twitter anime “Fire Force” announced that it had sold quite 15 million copies by the top of April. With large sales, the show is clearly popular enough to ensure next season. Atsushi Okubo says the manga should be over soon and this will delay production for subsequent anime season. 

In an interview, Okubo said he expected the manga to finish in about 30 volumes, but that would change. Consistent with a report from Anime News Network, Okubo states in Volume 23 of the manga that the story is within the final chapter which “Fire Force” is going to be the ultimate manga. With 28 volumes of manga published thus far, there could also be a small delay in determining the precise ending. Season 3 could also be released in late 2021, but the remainder of the year could lead to official announcements, with released in 2022.

What to expect from Fire Force Season 3?

After invading Tokyo at the top of Season 2, Season 3 is all war, and eight special fire brigades will fight to save lots of Tokyo. The third season is additionally said to be the ultimate season of the series, so it brings a tragic scene and story conclusion. The anime is about Shinra Kusakabe, who can light his feet. 

Nicknamed “The Footprints of the Devil,” he’s highly regarded for his power. After joining the military, he began trying to bind the situations that led to the kidnapping his brother during the hearth that killed his mother 12 years ago. Fireforce Season 2 was completed in Chapter 158 of the cartoon. Therefore, the third season continues from Chapter 159.

The cast of Fire Force Season 3

The official cast list hasn’t been released yet, but some characters will definitely be back. There is no doubt that Gakuto Kajiwara’s voice Mara Kusakabe, Aio Yuki’s voice Kotatsu Tamaki, Kenjiro Tsuda’s voice Joker, Saeko Kamishiro’s voice Maki Oze, and M.A.O’s iris will return.

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