4 Shows Like Hellbound that will captivate you!

4 Shows Like Hellbound that will captivate you!

Already becoming a writer, director Yeon Sang-ho has adapted his webtoon series to the screens of the shocking and apocalyptic horror series “Hellbound” (“Geok”). The story begins with the looks of an “angel of death” that reveals to sinners the date they attend hell before passing the judgment of God. 

Gradually the planet will burn with revelation. Yoo Ah-in, known for “burning,” plays a really unusual role as a charismatic denominational leader. After the show, however, you’ll want to continue your binge-watching route, and there is nothing like that, but we stick with it. You can watch most of those shows just like `Hellbound` on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

4. The Kingdom (2021-)

The “Kingdom” (“El Reino”) by Marcelo Pineyro and Claudia Pineyro is an ingenious Spanish political thriller series with dramatic revelations. This series revolves around the controversial television evangelist. He’s in power while maintaining personality worship around him. But while he may look sacred, history gradually reveals his true power-hungry face. 

The contradiction between appearance and reality is central to the story because the prophetic child Fish is showing hope to the masses. But, as “Hellbound” shows, on the day of calculation, evil is usually closely related to good, and therefore the “kingdom” follows an equivalent path of ethical remorse.

3. Ragnarok (2020-)

“Ragnarok” is a fascinating and epic Norwegian-original supernatural drama series on Netflix’s list, made by Adam Price. The Old Norse title literally means “the fate of the gods.” The story takes place in times, starting during a small Norwegian town experiencing a hot winter and following the trail of fate. 

Within the midst of turmoil, a touch boy named Magne knows he’s the reincarnation of Thor. Great Inheritance entails great responsibility, and Magne must fulfill his destiny by recreating myths within the modern context. If you wish the seamless fusion of nature and therefore the supernatural in “Hellbound”, this is often subsequent series to see out.

2. Snowpiercer (2020-)

The fantasy drama “Snowpiercer,” created by Graeme Manson and Josh Friedman on the idea of the acclaimed South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s multicultural apocalyptic thriller, unfolds a terrifying vision of the earth. In the future, when failed experiments to avoid heating led to the glacial period, the remnants of humanity are traveling around the world by train. 

Trains are the epitome of society and its spirit, where Darwin’s politics is in favor of the rich. There are revolutionary promises within the go-after meaning for the poor, like “Hellbound,” and if the fear of imminent ruin paralyzes you, this series will continue the struggle.

1. Arthdal Chronicles (2019-)

“Arthdal Chronicles” (original title: “Aseudal Young-daegi”) was developed by Park Sang-young and Kim Young-Hyun and performed by Kim Won-Seok. The story begins with the prophecy that Eunsom will defeat the city-state. The war hero named Tagon wants to be the primary dictatorial ruler of the state. 

Meanwhile, Wahan Princess Tanya learns that she has an equivalent fate as Unsom. Like “Hellbound”, this series plays with ideas of discretion and death, reality and illusion. If you are looking for something a touch easier while maintaining a powerful atmosphere, this series is one of your best bets.


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