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365 Days Part 2 Official Release date, and plot- All the exclusive information!

Also referred to as “365 Dni ” and officially referred to as “The Polish ‘Fifty shades of Gray”, “365 Days” was released on Netflix last June after a theater release in Poland and a more limited UK base. When it was done, it caused controversy. In Blanca Lipinska’s book, which also directs the film and claims that the story is 85% “real”, the film is described by filmmaker Bartec Sierica as a contemporary “Beauty and therefore the Beast ” (about diversity). 

Permanently listed on Netflix’s Top 10 list in addition to 90 countries (via Deadline). But this was a movie dragged by critics. The story of a Mafia member who had a female prisoner and gave her a year of crazy at Rotten Tomatoes is believed to possess a tomato meter reading of 0%. The audience score is 29%. The reviewers quoted on the website use phrases like “thoroughly terrible,” “ridiculously aggressive,” and “practicing the bragging rights of the movie.” 

Others quickly acknowledged the toxic problems surrounding the romanticization of Stockholm Syndrome and therefore the rape culture. Still, the film has certain fascinating edges associated with the chemistry between the most casts. And hence it is still seeing possible fanatics.

Release date – 365 Days Part 2

The sequel to the romantic drama “365 Days” was screened on Netflix in June 2020 and has been teased since star Michele Morrone released information during a personalized fan video of Hala Hi, the center Eastern cameo (Via TMZ). And writer Blanca Lipinska provided Oprah Daily with a couple of previews of the movie’s sequel in February. 

For fans who knew her way, the news about another “365 days” was probably not an enormous surprise. However, things may be a little different, because the film is currently being produced under the umbrella of Netflix Originals. Newsweek initially reported that filming of the sequel was scheduled to start in Sicily in August 2020, but was postponed thanks to COVID 19 restrictions (via Oprah Daily). 

Deadline reports this month that shooting of both sequels, not only one, will begin this month. These sequels are going to be shot one after another. Production was based in Poland then moved to Italy. These first reports came as several reports on the web surfaced on Saints Peter and Paul, 2021 in Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland. 

It seems in touch with fruit. Prior to this, we could have expected the movie to be shown in theaters before the streaming service started, but Netflix basically got an intermediary. As a result, the planned release date for the sequel set in 2022 could also be posted directly on Netflix worldwide.


The Cliffhanger at the end of “365 days” isn’t an enormous Cliffhanger, given the addition of two books to the series on which the movie is based. So it’s clear that Laura is alive. Within the second book, Massimo and Laura start cohabitation again. He learns of her pregnancy and that they marry, but when Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Sucinna) pulls Massimo and kidnaps Laura, he encounters a serious obstacle. 

So, of course, she falls crazy with Nacho. Voilà! Instant love triangle. The lives of Laura and her baby are at stake, and Massimo also has demon twins. Honestly, it’s going to sound hot because of the first movie, but the “hot” part is what brings fans back, and Part 3 has more plans. However, the deadline, under the supervision of Netflix, speculates that a number of the problematic issues within the first movie are often mitigated with a more cautious approach. Fans will need to wait until next year to seek out if that’s the case.

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