1883: What To Know Before Its Release On Paramount+?

1883: What To Know Before Its Release On Paramount+?

In a few days the ” Yellowstone ” prequel ” 1883 ” will start on the Paramount + streaming service. It is already known which Hollywood star will be seen in episode 2 of season 1.

After it was announced that “Goliath” stars Billy Bob Thornton and Graham Greene would be seen in the “Yellowstone” spin-off “1883”, fans can now look forward to another superstar. Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks will play a supporting role in Season 1 and will star alongside country legend Tim McGraw. Tom Hanks (“Forrest Gump”) will take on the role of general. In the Civil War Battle of Antietam, Hank’s character meets Tim McGraw’s character, James Dutton.

But Hanks is not the only star to have a role in the series, as series creator Taylor Sheridan revealed to the US magazine Deadline. Other well-known actors will appear in the first season. Sheridan did not reveal who it was.

“1883”: Do We Have A Release Date For The Prequel?

Apparently, work on the series is already well advanced. Paramount Network announced a date for “1883” as part of the release of the “Yellowstone” season 4 start date. Already as of December 19, 2021, the series can be seen.

“1883” Do We Have A Trailer For The Prequel?

The new trailer gives you an insight into the hardships and dangers that await James Dutton on the trip to Montana. And it is not just the rough nature that troubles the travelers. The road to Montana is soaked in blood.

“My family is meeting here tonight and we’re headed north,” says McGraw, playing James Dutton in the trailer. “I’ll keep driving north until I find a piece of land that’s worth the trip.”

1883: What Is The Plot Of The Upcoming TV Show?

“1883” takes you into the adventures of the Dutton family on a journey to the west through the further plains to the last bastion of Wild America. During the expansion to the west, you come very close to the poor family in search of a better future in Montana.

The tough cowboy Shea Brennan is followed by a bitter past. He is given the difficult task of leading his group from Texas to Montana and he has his hands full keeping the most diverse people together. Among them are James and Margaret Dutton, the leaders of the family clan.


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