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When Calls the Heart Season 10 Release Date Status: Everything You Need to Know!

when calls the heart season 10

Whew! For a brief minute, we were concerned, but Hallmark has officially announced the return of When Calls the Heart for season 10! Hope Valley still has a lot of stories to tell, but Hallmark is abandoning many of its long-running scripted series.

Check on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to see the cancellations of Picture Perfect Murders, Hailey Dean Mysteries, and Matchmaker Mysteries.

They’re all available there. The sixth season of Chesapeake Shores will also be it is last, we learned. Hallmark Channel, thank you for ensuring that #Hearties are content for yet another season!

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Review

Despite the fact that the show has a devoted following, some critics believe that the show’s attempt to portray a historical period is undermined by the characters’ overly modern speech and gestures.

For those who find it difficult to witness a period piece with hair, makeup, and dress from the present day, others argue that these aspects should be rectified. Hallmark has brought back a beloved show from the past to the present.

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It’s nice, sweet, and something you look forward to watching every week, and the majority of critics agree with these sentiments. Since the show is a family-friendly weekly series, viewers appreciate it even more because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find shows of this caliber on television.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 Release Date

The Hallmark Channel has not renewed When Calls the Heart for a tenth season, and neither have the show’s creators. But don’t let yourself get too depressed by this. Keep in mind that the ninth season of the show had just ended broadcasting on 2022, the last day of the year.

While the network may or may not make an announcement in late or early  10 October of 2022, this is the most likely time frame for a review of the final data.

According to Newsweek, season 9’s debut outperformed season 8’s debut by a significant margin. In addition, the ninth season saw only a 6% decline in the show’s audience size. It’s hard to believe that After Calls the Heart would be canceled when such an impressive run, especially after the season 9 finale hinted at more to come.

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Paris to Hope Valley?

Despite the fact that nothing has been officially announced, a number of the show’s cast members have expressed their thoughts and views on potential themes and details for the upcoming season.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if Elizabeth and Lucas will get married in Paris or at a celebration in Hope Valley, actress Erin Krakow revealed her thoughts on the matter. “But certainly, I could see it going either way,” she added. This may take place at Jack’s church, but I have no idea where.

actor Chris McNally, who plays Lucas on the show, says he’ll “just handle things one item at a time.”

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