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NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Settles the G.O.A.T. Debate with Savage Replies

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Settles the GOAT Debate

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a former NBA player, and two-time NBA Finals MVP went on Jimmy Fallon’s show and finally put an end to the G.O.A.T. controversy.

Some of the most contentious issues in basketball history were settled thanks to Jabbar, including whether or not indoor or outdoor courts were preferable and who the greatest player of all time was. To learn more about Jabbar’s resolution, please go here.

And That’s That…

When the 7-foot-2 great of the NBA basketball court appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he asked him if he could help him settle some of the most important debates in history, saying, “It’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Settles It”.

A summertime basketball court: indoor or outdoor? Jimmy asked. Kareem immediately responded, “Indoor because it won’t rain and the sun won’t beat you up.”

The following question prompted Fallon to complement Jabbar: “Summertime Treat, Ice-Cream or Popsicles?” I’m thinking of Popsicles when I’m thinking of learning the game uptown as a kid and Ice Cream when I’m thinking of the movie “Titanic” when I’m thinking about the movie.”

Jimmy chuckled and questioned, “Roller Coasters or Water Slides? Which one is better?” Responded to Jabbar, “Roller Coaster rides and water slides are little more than outdoor bidets.” As for the former LA Lakers great, well, by this point he had gotten up to speed with the game.

In Jimmy’s subsequent words: “Oh, I see. The information here is intriguing.” He said, “What’s the best hot dog topping?”. If you’re a fan of the NBA, man! Definitely check this one out. During the 1985 NBA Finals, Jabbar referred to “the tears of the 1985 Celtics after they lost to the Lakers.”

If you’re unaware, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics (with Larry Bird in the lineup) 4-2, winning the last game 111-100 in Boston. The Celtics only managed to win one of three games at TD Garden in that round. Raise your hands, Laker fans, for this year’s best hot dog topping is here!

What did Jimmy do after hearing the answer? He physically stood up and began dancing. Tomato on a grilled cheese? That’s what Jimmy inquired. “No way, man,” Jabbar retorted. Like adding anchovies to Jell-O.”

In the movie theatre, Jimmy questioned Jabbar, “Summer Movies? Toy Story vs. Minions?” “Minions, because they duplicated my goggles,” Jabbar said. To me, these are my goggles.

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Kareem Continues to Impress…

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked Kareem what kind of hairstyles he preferred: mullets or ponytails. “I’d prefer to have an option between either of them,” he responded. What would you prefer: Star Wars or Star Trek?” Jimmy inquired further.

His favorite Star Wars character is Darth Vader, who Jabbar claims has always been his dream role. Also, Chewbacca won’t have any trouble picking up his lines for the film.

Baked beans or cole slaw: which is better for a barbecue side dish, Jimmy demanded. He said, “Coleslaw does not want to be near me while I eat baked beans.” Slam Dunk or Skyhook were then brought up.

Choosing a layup as his answer, Kareem explained, “because I want to frighten. If I want to prove to people that they can’t stop me, I’ll use Skyhook.”

The All-Time Greatest…

Ending with, “Who is the greatest basketball player of all time: LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?” I’ll answer. I’ll think about it for a moment,” he answered. If you’ll excuse me, we don’t meet in public, okay?”

So… Something like that is going to remain a secret from us, you know? That’s one record I won’t have to worry about for the rest of my life if Lebron smashes it next year.”

Jimmy agreed but the best of all time… Dare I say it out loud? Kareem-Abdul Jabbar is the man in question. An artwork of Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and details on Kareem’s charity “The Skyhook Foundation” were revealed at the end of the show.

At, you’ll find the foundation of the site. How about this: Who’s your favorite?

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