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Lightyear Restored a Cut Same-Sex Kiss After Recent Disney Controversy

Lightyear Movie Controversy

Lightyear, the next Disney-Pixar film, is bringing back a kiss scene that was supposedly cut from the film following recent reaction and controversy. In the Toy Narrative movies, Buzz Lightyear is the famous space ranger. Lightyear is a spin-off story based on Buzz.

Evans and Aduba star as Hawthorne, an important female character who is seen to be in a proud relationship with another woman in the film’s storyline. To delete the kiss between Hawthorne and her partner from the original script, presumably, Disney had to be persuaded.

When Pixar Animation Studios employees and allies released a statement alleging that Disney has been eliminating LGBTQ+ sequences from their films and other media because of their “overly gay affection,” it sparked outrage among the general public.

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On the contrary, Disney allegedly erased a loving sequence between two characters who were of the same sexual orientation from their previous releases. Gravity Falls, a popular animated series developed by Alex Hirsch, is a good example.

Mickey Mouse has “FORBADE [him] from any clear LGBTQ+ representation,” Hirsch tweeted in 2020. For years, the employees themselves have been trying to incorporate LGBTQ+ identity into their creative storytelling, only to have the people in charge reduce these elements until they conveniently just discard these elements or censor them to the point where the representation is largely toned down.

Some Pixar films with LGBTQ+ characters aren’t shown in places where they aren’t legal. With the persistence of Pixar employees, the scene was restored in the film despite the company’s size making it difficult for new ideas to be heard.

When it comes to Disney-Pixar films in the future, replacing the removed same-sex kiss scene in Lightyear could be seen as a significant step forward, and the statement from Pixar employees pointing out the years-long censorship of LGBTQ+ scenes had a major role in making this happen.

Additionally, this call to action might serve as a landmark for LGBTQ+ representation in animated feature films. As open-mindedness and acceptance in the film business grow, so does the importance of seeing inclusive storylines and truthful portrayals of persons, no matter how they identify themselves, in whatever type of media that we consume.

In theatres on June 17th, 2022, Disney’s Lightyear will make its big-screen debut.



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