Anthony Bourdain Died Because He Took Too Much of A Drug

is anthony bourdain still alive

Anthony Bourdain’s reputation as the “first rock star” of the culinary world is well-deserved, what with his exposure to the sordid underside of the restaurant industry and his meal with President Obama in Vietnam.

The allure of this famous chef went far beyond the meals he prepared and consumed. The loss of Anthony Bourdain becomes much more terrible in light of this. Anthony Bourdain’s body was discovered at the Le Chambard Hotel in Kaysersberg-Vignoble, France on June 8, 2018.

His death was ruled a suicide. Chef Éric Ripert, with whom Bourdain was filming an episode of Parts Unknown, discovered his body. After Bourdain failed to show up for both dinner and breakfast, Ripert got anxious.

Ripert discovered Bourdain in his hotel room, but it was too late; the famous American travel writer had already left. Suicide by hanging was later determined to be the cause of death for Anthony Bourdain, who utilized the belt from his hotel robe. It was 61 years ago that he was born.

Bourdain’s past was problematic despite his enormous achievements. Early in his career as a waiter, he acquired a heroin addiction and other issues that, in retrospect, should have been fatal. Though he was able to beat his heroin addiction, Bourdain’s mental health was always a point of concern throughout his life.

There is no way to know what was going through Bourdain’s thoughts in his final moments, but it is safe to assume that his own internal issues contributed to his death. Despite the shock that his death caused, some were not really startled by it. Now, though, most of his former friends miss him. There is a lot about him that people overlook.

Drug overdose was the cause of Anthony Bourdain’s death, right?

While some of Anthony Bourdain’s more recent admirers may not be aware of the chef’s troubled past, those who have read any of his books or seen him speak on the subject will be familiar with his battle with heroin addiction.

That history led many to infer that drugs had a role in his death, and suspicions began circulating soon after his passing was announced. However, Anthony Bourdain’s toxicology results showed he was drug-free at the time of his death.

It’s odd, but it almost makes me feel worse about his decision to take his own life. It’s reasonable to suppose that his drug use warped his perception of reality and led him to conclude that suicide was the only way out of his melancholy.

The coroner’s findings showed, however, that he had no illegal substances in his system, suggesting that his decision to end his own life was rationally reached in a sober state of mind.

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Effects of Losing a Famous Cook

Fans mourning Bourdain’s death flocked to Brasserie Les Halles shortly after his passing. Many of her CNN coworkers and even President Obama expressed their sadness on Twitter. His mother said he was “absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever believed would do something like this.”

Some of Bourdain’s heartbroken followers questioned his decision to take his own life, given that he had just said that he “had things to live for.” Some even speculated morbidly that Bourdain’s death was retaliation for his outspoken opinions.

For instance, Bourdain openly backed Argento after she said Harvey Weinstein, a former film producer who was ultimately incarcerated for various sex offences, had raped her.

Never one to hold back his opinions, Bourdain supported the #MeToo movement by speaking out against Harvey Weinstein and other celebrities who had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Some influential people were probably displeased by Bourdain’s activism, even if many women were grateful to him for standing up on their behalf. No evidence of foul play was found at the scene of his death, but authorities insisted on that.

No other explanation for Anthony Bourdain’s death has ever been offered, and all evidence points to suicide. Family, friends, and coworkers of Bourdain gradually began remembering him in various ways over time.

A little over a year after his passing, Éric Ripert and other celebrity chefs declared June 25 to be “Bourdain Day” in honour of their late friend on what would have been his 63rd birthday.

Roadrunner, a documentary released in 2015, delved into Bourdain’s life through home films, TV programme clips, and interviews with those who knew him best. The film, which is set to hit theatres on July 16, 2021, features both familiar and previously unseen footage of Bourdain.

Bourdain’s propensity for “Darkness” is discussed in the film, but so is the positive effect he had on others during his brief time on earth. A famous quote from Bourdain goes as follows: “Travel isn’t always pretty. To say the least, it’s not always easy.

It might be so painful that it destroys your heart at times. Of course, that’s fine, too. You transform as a result of your travels, as you should. Your mind, heart, and body will never be the same. You remove something from the situation. Leave a positive legacy, I hope.

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