How to Turn Your Chromecast Back On?

How to Reset Your Chromecast

If you’re having trouble streaming media, this article shows you how to reset a Chromecast device. You might also want to reset your Chromecast to factory settings before you sell or give it to someone else.

How to Turn Off a Chromecast

Make sure your Chromecast is securely plugged into an HDMI port on your TV before you start. The device should also be hooked up to your Wi-Fi network and a power source. If the device still doesn’t work right, you can do a factory reset by following these steps:

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How to Reset an Older Chromecast

If you have an older Chromecast that needs to be set up on a computer instead of a phone or tablet, open the Chromecast app that was put on the desktop or laptop when the device was first set up.

When that app’s interface is visible, choose the Chromecast you want to reset and then choose Settings and Factory Reset to make the device work like it did when it was new.

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How to Reset Your Chromecast with A Hard Reset

If none of the above steps worked, the last thing you can do is perform a hard reset on the device. Hold down the button on the side of the Chromecast while it is connected to a TV and a power source until the LED light on the device flashes white and the TV goes blank. Let go of the button and wait for Chromecast to finish the process of restoring.

If you tried all of these things and your Chromecast still doesn’t work right, the hardware may be broken. For more help, you can contact the Google Help Center.

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