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Harley Quinn Season 3 : Possible Release Date on Hbo Max!

Harley Quinn Season 3

The Joker was once the most well-known of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, and he still holds that title today. While this may still be the case, it appears that Harley Quinn’s popularity has grown to rival and occasionally even surpass that of The Clown Prince of Crime himself in recent years. Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character has a lot to do with that.

Suicide Squad wasn’t a huge hit when the movie came out, but Margot’s performance stood out. We can expect her to make many more films in the future, including the James Gunn-directed sequel to The Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey.

Besides her live-action role, the character is the star of an HBO Max animated adult comedy based on her name that has been a huge success. Mr. J., Harley’s abusive ex-boyfriend plays a major role in this new film adaptation, which stars Kaley Cuoco as the title character.

As a result of its popularity, the show has now run for two seasons. Sadly, it’s been over two years since the last new episode of this show was posted on Netflix. So when can we expect to see more of Quinn’s animated shenanigans on the big screen?

Harley Quinn Season 3 Cast

Harley Quinn’s rogue’s gallery of villains and heroes is as dense as any show’s, and that’s the goal a lot of the time. Aside from being the voice of Clayface and Joker, Alan Tudyk has also voiced Calendar Man, Doctor Trap, and Condiment King.

The usual suspects will be back for Harley Quinn season 3, but we’ve also heard about some fresh faces who will be behind the scenes. On his Twitter(opens in new tab), writer/producer Patrick Schumacker announced that Sam Richardson (Veep) will join the program. He neglected to mention who Richardson will play in the film.

Is there anyone else who can be heard? Nathan Fielder, John Wilson, and Joe Pera are among the voice actors Halpern is hoping to secure for a trio of villains. Basically, “villains who sound like elderly men.” He then went on to reveal that The Mad Hatter will appear in season 3 of Harley Quinn.

According to Halpern and Schumacker, Kite Man will not threaten Quinn and Ivy’s relationship in any way. During the interview, it was also confirmed that Bane will never be killed off in Gotham. Unless it’s Harley or Ivy, we’ll kill virtually anyone else, but Halpern made it clear that “We’ll never kill Bane.”

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date

When will the third season of Harley Quinn come out? Most likely on 7 October of 2022. New episodes of the animated series will be released “sometime in 2022,” according to the DC Fandom teaser.

Harley Quinn Season 2 premiered in April, but the video was solely comprised of colorless storyboard images, which suggests that the actual season is still some time away. Season 3 of Harley Quinn is more likely to be released in November than any other time of the year.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Plot

We don’t know what physical threats Harley and her companions will encounter in season 3. As of yet, they’ve encountered heroes and villains alike, including the Justice League, Darkseid’s merciless army, and a rudely cliquish Legion of Doom.

Whether they return to Apokolips or Themyscria is yet unknown, but what we do know is what the show’s writers intend to explore. As far as we know, the creators of the Harley Quinn television series don’t plan on separating Harley and Ivy.

Ivy and Harley are “rock strong” as a pair, Schumacker told EW when asked if Kite Man would continue to be a threat to their relationship. Even so, he did say that he’d be open to seeing “where [Kite Man] sits with the end of season 2 and the separation.”

Unsurprisingly, the future of Harley and Ivy’s romance appears to be in the spotlight for season 3. “Only ever being in poor relationships with abusive individuals,” Harley had previously stated before meeting Ivy. Halpern wants to investigate what it’s like for someone like Harley to unexpectedly find themselves as half of a healthy pair.

According to Halpern, he’s looking forward to spending more time with Poison Ivy in the future season of the show. It took Halpern and his team a full two years to investigate Harley. Now that we are into our third season, I think it’d be interesting to take a closer look at their life of Ivy and share some stories from her perspective.

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer

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