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Fred Astaire Biopic: What Is Tom Holland’s Next Project? Plot? Release Date Status? 

Fred Astaire Biopic: What Is Tom Holland’s Next Project? Plot? Release Date Status? 

Tom Holland took a moment from wearing the Spider-Man costume to putting on tap shoes. The actor never stops and is ready to collaborate with Sony on a new project. It is a film about the dancer Fred Astaire, a very famous tap master and choreographer. Surely if you are a big fan of the actor, you will also be wondering when the film that will see him, protagonist, in collaboration with Sony, comes out.

Fred Astaire Biopic: When Will It Release?

Unfortunately, however, it is still too early to have a project’s release date with the interpreter of Spider-Man. The film is under construction, and many other details will need to be established before we can have more information.

Fred Astaire: What Is The Plot?

The information on this new project by Tom Holland is available online thanks to some statements from the actor for AP Entertainment, where he gave an interview for the promotion of Spider-Man. It is a film biography of Sony, even though you do not know even the director.

“I will play Fred Astaire. The script arrived last week, but I haven’t been able to read it yet. They haven’t given it to me yet. I know Amy Pascal has it. He called me on Facetime earlier, while I was in the bathroom and we had a pleasant conversation. I know I’ll play Fred Astaire.”

These, then, are the words of Tom Holland. Considering that it is a film biography of Fred Astaire and that the actor will play precisely this role, we are fairly sure that he will be the protagonist of the project.

But what is the film about? There are still no previews of the film’s plot about Fred Astaire. We can hypothesize, however, since it is a biographical film, that this will tell the story of the life of the American dancer and singer, who was also considered one of the biggest stars in the world of cinema.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Who’s In The Cast?

There is no information on the actors who will be in the cast of the film on Fred Astaire and the characters they will play. The only certain name is Tom Holland, who confirmed his presence in the project during the promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home. We will update you in case of further news and as soon as we know what the other performers will be present.

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