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CPS Health Screener: An App For Students, Check-In, Assessment, And Queries

CPS Health Screener: An App For Students, Check-In, Assessment, And Queries

In this post, we’ll talk about the CPS Health Screener App, which is designed to protect the safety of Chicago Public Schools students, staff, and visitors who come to the CPS facility on any given day.

App for CPS Health Screening

The health screening in Chicago Public Schools is an important step in reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading. If you are a member of a certain group of students, staff, or visitors visiting the CPS School or any of the group’s buildings, you must pass the temperature check.

If you plan to stay in the building for more than 10 minutes, you must pass this test.

The mobile phone must start the screening procedure by scanning the QR code or going directly to

How to Complete the Online Health Screening Process-

1.To begin, go to to see the official online health screening page.

2.The page can also be accessed via the URL, and you can also access it by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera.

3.Follow the instructions on that page to the letter.

4.You will be able to enter the building after successfully completing the Screening.

You must do the temperature check after completing the CPS health screener for students process and passing the screening.

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Anyone with a temperature of less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be eligible to pass.

You will be sent home if you have a higher temperature (which indicates a fever) or any other symptoms that indicate COVID-19.

This health screening cannot be completed ahead of time; it must be completed on the spot.

“By answering the CPS health screener App questions, you acknowledge that you are entering sensitive information into the screener,” please write down. According to federal laws, the state will use this information in a confidential manner.”

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What if I didn’t pass the CPS Health Screener?

If you fail the health screening, you are not permitted to enter the building and must leave immediately. You must understand that the entire screening process is in place to protect pupils and the surrounding area.

They can’t let the sick or anyone who has come into contact with a Corona infected individual into the building.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about CPS health screenings for kids, staff, and visitors who need to stay in a Chicago Public Schools building for more than 10 minutes.

If you have any further questions about the Screener Questions, Assessments Check-in, or Website, please submit them in the comments area below.

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