Can Firefox Be Installed on Chromebook?

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This article tells you three ways to get Firefox on a Chromebook, but you will have to give up some things.

Method 1: Download the Play Store App

Android app support is built into most Chromebooks these days. That means you can get Android apps from the Google Play store, and Firefox has an app that will probably work on your Chromebook.

  1. Start the Google Play Store.
  2. Try to look for Firefox.
  3. Choose Install.

All done! But there is a middle ground. The version of Firefox that will be put on your computer is the mobile version, which is usually made for Android phones. The address bar is at the bottom of the screen, and websites that have mobile sites will send you to those sites instead of the desktop sites.

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Method 2: Put Firefox Esr in Place

You might be able to install the ESR (Extended Support Release) version of Firefox if you want a desktop version. For that, your Chromebook needs to be able to work with Linux. You can look in Settings to see if that’s true.

How Does Firefox Esr Work?

Firefox ESR is the version of Firefox that Mozilla makes for businesses and corporations that need longer support. Firefox ESR takes longer to develop than Firefox for regular users. That means that this browser is an older one. Features that are coming to the latest version of Firefox will take a lot longer to come to this version, but it is a full desktop-class browser.

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Method 3: Use Crouton to Install Linux on Your Chromebook

If your Chromebook doesn’t support Linux but you have to have Firefox on it, you can use an app called Crouton to install Linux on your Chromebook. This is a lot harder than that. Once you’ve installed Crouton, you can install Firefox ESR by using the same command as above.

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