Best Life Hacks: The Top Ten Most Useful Life Hacks Ever Invented

Best Life Hacks

You learn and grow as you go through life, and you’ll come across some incredible discoveries. You haven’t yet discovered all the ways to make your life easier that exist.

You’ll wonder, “Where have these been all my life?” after reading this list. The reason is simple: They really are that good. These beauty hacks cover anything from wiping your keyboard to applying makeup.

Don’t let life pass you by without taking advantage of these ingenious ideas for streamlining your daily activities.

For the next winter months, we’re sure you’ll be stocking up on scented candles to make your house even cozier. There’s no need to give up your favorite fragrance because your candles are burning too low to reach the wick.

Light a strand of uncooked spaghetti instead of your fingers. Long enough to light the candles on Grandpa’s birthday cake using this candle!

Saving money is a common desire, especially when it comes to home improvement. So, have a look at these 35 surprisingly low-cost tips using common household products.

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Isn’t it nice to be able to erase the highlighting from a book? Lemon juice removes enough of a highlighter’s color to make it nearly impossible to tell it apart. Get some lemon juice on a cotton swab by slicing a lemon in half. Watch the color fade away as you swab the swab over the highlighted text.

Another thing that tends to work is straight lemon juice from a bottle. It worked better on the pieces we tested, however, the older the mark is the harder it is to clean. Plus, learn how to clean like a pro with these exclusive secrets.

Due to his overeating, my puppy had to puke up all of his meals. As opposed to purchasing a slow-feed bowl, I made one out of PVC pipe by drilling holes and capping the ends.

Whenever I’m ready to feed the puppy food, he has to roll the tube around in his mouth in order to get it to fall out of the holes. Because he eats slowly, my puppy doesn’t have to deal with the mess that comes from overeating.

There should be enough room for the food to come out of the perforations. Charlie May, Using common household products, these creative and unexpected suggestions will show you how to make your pet more content, healthy, and comfortable.

As I get older, it seems like the more keys I have to carry about me. The number of keys I lug about in my wallet is ridiculous, what with the car, house, shed, and even the garage all requiring their own sets.

To make it easier to locate my most often used keys, I apply nail polish to the key heads on both sides. Each key has its own color. You’ll be amazed at how much longer the nail polish lasts than spray paint.” —Joseph Grayson Check out these other 14 tips from the pros for DIYers.

A Hose Made of Pool Noodle Material

Get a pool noodle if you need to fill a bucket that won’t fit under your kitchen sink’s faucet. Pour water into the bucket from the faucet and down the pool noodle to the bucket. Take a look at these clever ways to use pool noodles.

To keep your seed packets fresh for next year, place them in an airtight container with silica packets. seeds are protected against germination and mold growth by silica packets. Also, don’t miss these ten essential gardening hints for newbies.

Use auto wax to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower. Buff the mirror with a soft, dry cloth after applying a little amount of auto wax and letting it dry. Big savings on your next bathroom remodel thanks to expert advice.

Toys for children are a haven for germs. Toys that can be washed, like Legos, can be disinfected quickly in a dishwasher. For a rapid clean-up of Legos,

  1. Make use of a washing bag to hold the Legos.
  2. Run your dishwasher as normal. –>
  3. Remove the Legos and allow them to air dry thoroughly on a cloth before running the drying cycle.
  4. Seashells, dish brushes, rags, and sponges can all be cleaned in the same way.

Stickers from skate shops, arenas, and gumball machines were all over my son’s room. My goal was to use his old furniture in the guest room, but without the decals, after he moved out.

To weaken the glue, I used a putty knife and a hair drier to remove all of the stickers. I was able to remove all of them within a few hours, but some were more difficult than others. — Steve Winters

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Using “keyhole” hangers, you may hang picture frames, shelves, and other items without having to guess where they will go. As a starting point, let me say this:

  1. Apply masking tape on the keyholes, and then trace the keyholes with a pencil to create a template.
  2. Stick the template to the wall where you want the shelf to be, making sure it’s level.
  3. Remove the template once you’ve drilled the holes for your anchors or screws.
  4. Even if you’ve used a tape measure before, you’re bound to learn something new from this list of 25 tips and methods for mastering the art of measurement.
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